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Fresh Produce mini-fest @ Basement
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Latest Reviews
ANGEL at BATS, Wellington
reviewed by Hannah Smith 7 Mar 2010
Fallen angel faces difficult audience
It is hard to think of three things more different than an ethereal floating angel, a flat footed red nosed clown and a suicide bomber, but Angel marries these wildly incongruent concepts into a sweet and delicate comedy that looks at the funny side of spirituality. [more]

BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA at Pacific Blue Festival Club (Shed 6), Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 7 Mar 2010
Fluffy fun hiding spikes and toxins
My guess is that Suzanne Andrade – writer, director, performer – was raised on a diet of Roald Dahl stories, or she read them by torchlight under her sheets. Her random collection of tales have that sensibility: an apparent childlike innocence that turns twisted and nasty in a terribly British way. [more]

FLIPSIDE at TAPAC Theatre, Western Springs, Auckland
reviewed by Nik Smythe 5 Mar 2010
Complexity and adventure in catastrophe
SmackBang Theatre Company have launched their residency of The Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC) with an epic yarn scripted by Ken Duncum eleven years ago, about the men who survived 119 days adrift on the Pacific Ocean in the capsized trimaran Rose-Noelle, back in 1989. TAPAC’s versatile auditorium is arranged in traverse ... [more]

SHIP SONGS at Pacific Blue Festival Club (Shed 6), Wellington
reviewed by Hannah Smith 5 Mar 2010
Witty, generous, simple, surprising, magical, stirring …
The sea is a cruel mistress. But if you’re brave or fool enough to ride the ocean wave then you will return with a tale to tell. In Ship Songs spellbinding tales, beautiful audio-visual imagery and toe-tapping sea shanties are woven together in a funny, moving and heart-warming evening of theatre. [more]

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ALFONSINA at Gryphon, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 5 Mar 2010
Upbeat underdogs in a ruthless world
Yet another Auckland group has endowed the Fringe with comic creativity superbly performed and directed. Hot on the heels of Sunday Roast and Ruby Tuesday comes Alfonsina. I could quip it was so hot on opening night that four fire engines came, twice: an hour before the show then slap in the middle. [more]

SUN DRUGS at Bats Pit Bar, Wellington
reviewed by Hannah Smith 4 Mar 2010
Vigorous, quirky, performer-centric
A man walks into a bar, pulls out some shaving foam and hands razors to the brunettes seated at opposite ends of the front row. He proceeds to shave his face by playing an elaborate variation on Colombian Hypnosis. What on earth is going on? It is Sun/Drugs - the half hour one-man show being performed this week in the Pit bar. [more]

ECHOA at Soundings - Te Papa, Wellington
reviewed by Lyne Pringle 4 Mar 2010
Stimulating creator-performers
In this production there is not an ounce of fat. Each vignette/scene arrives and leaves well before it has outstayed its welcome; layer after layer of the possibilities for percussion and movement are presented to make rich theatrical mulch. [more]

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 Jennifer Shennan

RUBY TUESDAY at BATS, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 3 Mar 2010
Achingly funny and tragic
We’re back to school from the moment we walk into the auditorium. Nigel Dungaree (Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu) the science teacher and CD (Isla Adamson) the phys-ed teacher are on duty and handing out detention slips to miscreants. [more]

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reviewed by Priyanka Bhonsule 3 Mar 2010
Bound to be a hilarious, if not magical
Reviewing an improv performance can be a tricky task; while I was taking notes of which jokes worked well and which scenes were absolute highlights, I was also aware how it might be completely different on another night. But rest assured you will be watching masters of the improvisation art. [more]

SUNDAY ROAST at Te Whaea - SEEyD Space, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 3 Mar 2010
Slicing into the rural rump
Thomas Sainsbury is so prolific it’s tempting to see his plays as a ‘fast food’ equivalent. But those I’ve seen are much more ‘nutritious’ than that and Sunday Roast is close to being a gourmet meal. [more]

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PINK LIGHTER at BATS, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 3 Mar 2010
A dud
I’m tempted to offer this production the amount of respect it gives its audience and say – as its characters keep saying to each other – “it’s a f**king retard” and leave it at that. But then I’d also get abused for not doing my job. So … [more]

STORYTIME FOR THE HUNGRY at Mystery Location – meet at 225 Aro Street, Wellington
reviewed by Hannah Smith 2 Mar 2010
Charming, cheering, feeding
This show is FREE! I love free stuff. So do most of the people who live in the Aro Valley and there are plenty of them wearing jumpers and clutching cushions awaiting the opening performance of Story-time for the Hungry, the latest offering from Binge Culture Collective. [more]

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"More authoritative than authoritarian.  He wasn't overbearing in manner so much as simply having his view..." - nik smythe   [read full comment]

"Example: Is Phil Vaughan's John Glennie authoritative or authoritarian?" - Simon Taylor   [read full comment]

"I must disagree with you. I loved Sun/Drugs, it had a quality of Performance Art which we rarely see in Wellin..." - Robin Kerr   [read full comment]

" No changes were made to the structure of the show during the run. Scenes were played with content and to..." - Uther Dean   [read full comment]

"I have to disagree with the comments made regarding the structure of the play. I found the show completely und..." - Robert Hartley   [read full comment]

" I saw Ruby in Ak, I concur!!  "It’s on until 13 March so there’s no excuse for anyone i..." - cameron rhodes   [read full comment]

"Fair enough, Thomas. I do not for a moment mean to suggest theatre is best with spoken language at the exclusi..." - John Smythe   [read full comment]

"Is the spoiler of the spoilt spoiler spoilt? Steve? [Oh bugger, Simon - sorry - ED]" - Simon Taylor   [read full comment]

" John - there are several things I find problematic with your response to this production. Firstly, your..." - Thomas LaHood   [read full comment]

"Is the spoiler line spoilt? Is it "has has"? [Thanks Steve - fixed - ED]" - Simon Taylor   [read full comment]

"I can't defend it theatrically or philosophically but I did think it was very funny and never boring." - steve dean   [read full comment]

"Might I suggest you're viewing Undergrowth with inappropriate criteria? I found it to be a sensitive and beau..." - Phil Brownlee   [read full comment]

5 Mar 2010 - FRESH PRODUCE IN SEASON AT THE BASEMENT The words fresh produce may conjure thoughts of DIY veggie gardens or organic wares at the weekend markets. In this case, however, Fresh Produce is the name of an upcoming season of original New Zealand performance works ...   [more]

5 Mar 2010 - CREATIVE NEW ZEALAND: The RFO Review Creative New Zealand has embarked on its scheduled review of the Recurrently Funded Organisations (RFOs). This is the third of three funding programme reviews that Creative New Zealand undertook to complete as part of its 2007-2010 Strategic Plan.   [more]

3 Mar 2010 - The New Zealand Fringe Festival 2010 FRINGE AWARDS and CLOSING NIGHT PARTY 6pm March 7 Paramount Theatre, Wellington It started with the 'Running of the Fringe' and will end with the Toasting of the Fringe.   [more]

1 Mar 2010 - A special Wellington preview of Indian Ink’s latest production The Guru of Chai is to be held on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th March at 6 pm at Mojo’s Coffee HQ, Shed 13 Wellington Waterfront ...   [more]

26 Feb 2010 - A RECORD WEEK FOR THEATREVIEW? In the week Friday 19 to Thursday 25 February 2010, Theatreview published 39 reviews, covering 29 performing arts productions that opened around New Zealand, 19 of which were part of Fringe 2010 (in Wellington with many participants from elsewhere).   [more]

26 Feb 2010 - LOSER, by Thomas Sainsbury, is the latest publication from The Play Press. With a cast that can expand up to 37, or shrink to 3m and 3w, doubling, it is available from Playmarket ( ) or direct from The Play Press, which offers a discount for rehearsal or study sets. Please ask, or check for all other details.   [more]

25 Feb 2010 - After a decade of teaching actors Peter Feeney is relaunching his SCENE GROUP for 2010 as ACTORS LAB. He’s offering a greater menu of courses with a stronger industry emphasis and more guest tutors: working professionals of the highest calibre who don’t teach regular classes, but are fine teachers.   [more]

25 Feb 2010 - Auckland Theatre Company YOUTH ARTS COORDINATOR Auckland Theatre Company is seeking to appoint a Youth Arts Coordinator to coordinate and deliver the programmes and other projects run by ATC’s highly regarded Education Unit.   [more]