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The Gordons - Spik and Span
Being listening to a lot of Flying Nun material over the last year or so. Once I heard Spik and Span it definitely stuck and have been listening to it a lot ever since!

Fugazi - Provisional
Most of the music I was into growing up was from skate videos. This is how I discovered fugazi. This is probably my favorite song of there's. Its great to listen to while driving

Blood Brothers - Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon
I've never been a Blood Brothers fan but someone gave me The 'Burn Piano Island' album recently and I've been listening to this song heaps. Its got a real chaotic feel with heaps of different parts but still holds together as an awesome song

The Pixies - Doolittle (Album)
Amazing! Just trying to get in as much pixies as I can before my live experience!

This Night Creeps - Spain in Vain
Found the 'Noise of Music' album at my Mums a few months ago and have been listening to it a lot. I really love this song. Its driven by Keys and has quite soft vocals compared to the rest of the album. Growing up in hamilton I got to see this band a lot and i'd rate them as one of my favorite bands


1. Jason Derula - Watcha Say
Because it's amazing and that Imogen Heap bit is neato. Makes me wanna play with vocoder.

2. Janis Joplin - Maybe
Because I found this thing on youtube of her singing it live at a college or something and it is one of the best things I have ever seen, it's so moving, and everyone is completely silent and frozen and her voice is incredible.

3. Peter Escott- Every Inch of You is Gold
Cause I'm mad on piano songs at the moment, and it's really unfair how good Peter's playing is in this song. It's on this Tasmanian compilation called 'Community' put out by Rough Skies records (Julian Teakle from the Native Cats) and the lyrics are really awesome, all his lyrics are really, and it's gotta kinda Daniel Johnston vibe, and a really sweet sentiment. There's this line in it about someone being in a car accident and having to cut her open and all the found when they did was another layer of gold more shining and amazing than the first. So good.

4. Pets with Pets -The Girl Up and Down
Cause they are a really awesome band, and Zade's voice is crazy and repetitive and cool in it, rad tone and kinda churning on and on till the end, really cool lyrics and guitar and drums and everything. And we just got to play with them at Camp A Low Hum in Bulls and they were fabbo.

5. Rhianna- Rehab
I really love this song I like it how its got that kinda irregular emphasis on the words when shes singing and i like the vibe and tone and story of the song and i like how its sad and i love doing it at kareoke and i like the production and i like Rhianna, but i think whoever is her stylist needs to be shot and whoever styled the video for this song kinda didnt understand the brief and I dont really think Justin Timberlake's little bit deserves to have him as 'ft.' , but i think he might have written it, and I also like that Justin Timberlake song 'What Goes Around' and I saw this other thing on youtube the other day where someone had put the vocals of 'Rehab' over the entire music of 'What goes Around Come Around' and it fit perfectly, like, it is exactly the same song with different words, but I still like both and at least I've got type.

Chicks on Speed- We Don’t Play Guitar
The first time I heard this song , I was in a car getting a ride with my friend’s dad and it came on the radio. Peaches performs a guitar solo in this song and my friend’s dad said “Thats not guitar playing! What is that! She doesn’t even know how to play guitar!” And I thought “Holy fucking Mary of god that is the best guitar solo I have ever heard EVER!” Its true that it didn’t have any of the right notes or much technical prowess, but fuck, it had attitude, style and was a way of playing guitar that I had never heard before. It reminded me of when I was at school and I saw this girl that I hated mixing apple juice with her paint instead of water because there was no tap nearby. At this moment, sitting in the car, I realised that in music, you don’t need to do things the way that other people do them. You don’t need to know how to play guitar a certain way to communicate an idea with a guitar. It was completely empowering and I started my band soon after.

McLusky- To Hell with Good Intentions
You need bands in your life who are so good that they make you know you’re shit. Right now McLusky is doing this for me. Especially this song. It helps me to try harder.

Bjork- All is Full of Love
I love Björk because she has a song for every kind of situation that I need to be consoled for. I make punk music- it has anger and joy and a general ‘fuck you’ thing going on with it, but it doesn’t have a very wide emotional scope. I really love listening to music that makes the noises that I can’t make for myself- music that makes a noise for my sadness, or love, or regret, or those complicated feelings that there aren’t any words for. This is my favourite song in the whole world because it’s the song that resonates the deepest with me and says something that I could never say.

Neutral Milk Hotel- King of Carrot Flowers Pt 2
The very first time I heard this song I had a vision of this band that I want to make one day. It will be like a cult band and I will be the leader. I will play an acoustic guitar up the front and encourage people to worship our god. There will be a flute player, a trumpet player, a small choir and a girl playing the tambourine with a ribbon on it, and she’ll do interpretive dances while she plays. And we will all dress like the people that went to the Baptist church in the town where I grew up.

Beyonce- Halo
I love pop music. Really, really good pop music. I can’t help it- It’s a primal, visceral thing. The vibrations get in between my molecules and make them bump all around with the music. You can’t control it because its physics and nature and real life magic. This is a perfectly crafted pop song. Anyone who says they don’t like this song is lying. Don’t fight it!

POPSTRANGERS are playing Whammy Bar Saturday February 6th with Cool Rainbows & Ghost Wave.
They are also hosting the MUM clubnight this week at C9

BATRIDER are playing Barnabas Scout Hall
w/ East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Nevernudes
and Ouch My Face
on Friday 5th Feb - all ages show

OUCH MY FACE are playing Whammy on Wednesday 3rd
with DHDFDs, Morons Says What and God Bows To Math

Strange News, 95bFM & present:
THE DODOS with Spring Break (Ryan McPhun solo)
Since the release of their acclaimed sophomore record 'Visiter', the Dodos have been touring relentlessly - making time only to release the excellent 'Time To Die' earlier this year.

Their first visit to our shores left audiences grinning from ear to ear, and the band have admitted their great love for our sunny shores - returning in January 2010 for some more summer goodness.

Joining them at both shows will be Chief Ruby Sun - Ryan McPhun! Ryan will be hiding under his solo moniker SPRING BREAK, and playing a mixture of unreleased Ruby Suns tunes and solo synth stuff!

Saturday, 30th January @ Bacco Room - Auckland
Sunday, 31st January @ Leigh Sawmill - Leigh


Cheese on Toast in association with Strange News and Galesburg present
Since forming in early 2007, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart have become one of the most talked about pop bands in years. Their distinctive brand of noisy pop is a tidy distillation of all the great noise-pop precedents - early MBV, House of Love, Pale Saints, Rocketship - but with that incredible exuberance and energy that the Pains bring to every song.Since forming in early 2007, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart have become one of the most talked about pop bands in years. Their distinctive brand of noisy pop is a tidy distillation of all the great noise-pop precedents - early MBV, House of Love, Pale Saints, Rocketship - but with that incredible exuberance and energy that the Pains bring to every song.

Wednesday 24th February 2010
Bacco Rooms - Auckland

Thursday 25th February 2010
San Francisco Bath House - Wellington

Cheese on Toast, Galesburg, Mystery Girl, and 95bFM are thrilled to present
The most important American band of the Nineties, together again for a one-time-only world tour which stops in Auckland for ONE NIGHT ONLY on March 1, 2010.

According to the band’s representatives: “Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.”
Translation: This is not a drill. This is New Zealand’s last-ever chance to see PAVEMENT, performing again for the first time since November 1999.

Monday 1 March - Auckland Town Hall

andrew (at)

PO Box 68071
Newton, Auckland

09 8497724
021 2782606

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