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Under section 12 of the Act, if you intend to supply a film to the public, or offer it for supply, it must be submitted to the Labelling Body, which will decide if it needs rating and a label or referral to the Classification Office for classification and a label. The Labelling Body have produced a flowchart showing all the possible pathways a film may take through the classification system. (PDF, v7.0, 124kb)

How do I apply for a classification?

All classification applications must be made to the Labelling Body.

Your submission should include:

  • A copy of the film you want to be classified. You must provide a good quality copy of your film - the Office can refuse to classify a film if the quality is poor.
  • Any advertising material associated with the film (for example, film posters or video slicks).
  • The section 12 Labelling Body application form (hard copies of this are also available from the Labelling Body) (PDF, v7.0, 70.8kb)
  • The correct fee. A full schedule of fees is available from the Labelling Body.

The Labelling Body will submit your film to the Classification Office if:

  • The film has been restricted or banned by an overseas authority
  • It believes the film may need to be classified as objectionable or restricted

The Labelling Body is your agent in dealings with the Classification Office. Once the Classification Office has classified the film, it will notify the Labelling Body of the decision and the Labelling Body will notify you. The fees for classification are laid out in this brochure. (PDF, v7.0, 175kb)

Film advertising

Advertising material for a film must be submitted to the Labelling Body for approval at the same time as the film.

Film advertising material can be submitted directly to the Office - advertising material submitted directly to the Office independently of a film will incur an additional fee.

Contact the Labelling Body if you need advice on how to submit your advertising material.



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