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Submission by Courts

Courts can submit publications under section 29 of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, where a question arises as to whether the publication is objectionable. While there is no specific form for section 29 submissions, they must include a Court Order and a copy of each publication.

Once a publication is submitted, the Office contacts the parties to the proceedings, to make submissions on the classification. They are given 14 working days to make submissions. The publication is classified within 30 working days or sooner if possible.

The classification decision is set out in a Report of Findings, which is addressed and sent to the Court. The Report of Findings is also distributed to the lawyers for the informants and defendants.

Do you need a copy of a classification decision for court proceedings?

If a publication has already been classified you can contact the Office about getting a certified copy of the classification decision for presentation to the Court. This official record can be presented as proof in Court proceedings that the classification decision remains in force.

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