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Submission by Officials

Under section 13 of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, officials from the Customs Service, Police and Department of Internal Affairs can submit publications for classification. The Office of Film and Literature Classification has classified a wide range of publications, including films, videos, DVDs, computer files, CD ROMS, t-shirts, letters, newspapers and photographs.

A section 13 submission form (PDF V 7.0, 59.9kb) must accompany publications that require classification. If you are submitting a disc of images, attach a schedule of the titles to be examined.

Once a publication is submitted, the Office will contact interested parties, such as the person from whom the publication has been seized. Interested parties and the Secretary for Internal Affairs are then given 14 working days to make submissions on the classification of the publication.

When the classification is completed the Notice of Decision is dispatched to the applicant. Copies are also sent to other interested parties. The original Notice of Decision is a legal document which may be presented as evidence to the Court.

If you would like more information about classifying publications, please contact the Information Unit.

Download an information sheet about submitting publications (Pdf v.7, 107kb)

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