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DVDS and videos

Increasingly libraries are including DVDs and videos in their collections. Under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 films (including DVDs and videos) which are supplied to the public must carry a New Zealand classification label.


Classification labels are affixed to the front of the the DVD or video slick (the cover) and must obscure any international classifications already displayed on the slick. Labels are issued by the Film and Video Labelling Body.

DVD box sets

Often when DVDs come in a box set, there may be only one classification label which is affixed to the packaging of the set. If DVDs within the set are loaned out as individual items, each DVD must carry the correct New Zealand classification label.

Sometimes individual discs within a series will have different classifications. For example, in the DVD version of series one of The Sopranos, some discs are classified as R13 while others are R16. To check the classifications of individual discs, search the Decisions Database. If labels are not already affixed to the individual discs, contact the Film and Video Labelling Body.

For more information, contact the Information Unit.


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