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This section contains information for librarians and library users. Amendments to the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 made in 2005 have changed the labelling requirements for non-film publications. Additionally, as libraries expand their collections to include new types of publications librarians are faced with new questions about complying with the Act.

Click here for an updated Excel spreadsheet of classified books from 1963 (Excel 86 kb).

Book classification

Paper icon. Each year the Office classifies a range of non-film publications including books, magazines and graphic novels. Learn more
about book classification

DVDs and video Classification

Text icon.

All DVDs and videos which are supplied to the public must carry a New Zealand classification label. Learn more about DVD and
video classification

Management of restricted publications

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Restricted publications require a New Zealand classification label and may have display conditions attached to them. Learn more about restricted publications

newsletters and Lianza

Every 2 months the Office sends an email newsletter with current information for libraries which includes a list of books classified by the Office. The Office also has an information stand at the LIANZA conference. Learn more about
newsletters and LIANZA

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