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This section contains important information for any business or individual importing, distributing or supplying films, DVDs, videos or other publications in New Zealand.

Paper icon. It is important for importers, distributors and suppliers of films and other publications to understand how the censorship system works. On these pages you will find information about submitting publications for classification and the process of applying for a review of a publication.

You can download an information sheet on buying or selling DVDs over the Internet (PDF v7.0, 175KB). Even if you sell only one DVD, it must still comply with the law and be labelled.

You can download the fees brochure to find out how much it costs to get a film, DVD, video, book or magazine classified (PDF v7.0 175KB).

If you are uncertain about how to submit a publication, we recommend that you contact the Office or seek legal advice before submitting material for classification.







Eye icon. If you intend to supply or show a film to the public, it have a New Zealand rating or classification. Find out how to submit a film for classification


Film labels

G icon.

All films supplied to the public, must be labelled. Find out how to get copies of film labels

Other publications

G icon. Publications other than films may also be submitted to the Office, with the leave of the Chief Censor. Learn more about non-film publications classified by the Office.


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