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The Classification Office has a number of different documents and publications that you can download. These are catagorised below for ease of selection.

These publications may be downloaded as PDF files for your reference. Simply click on the Download button beside the publication name.

Please note that you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view downloaded PDF files. This is free software that can be installed by clicking here

Document Description Download below
Forms for submitting publications for classification
Section 12 Labelling Body submission form Submission form for films, videos, DVDs, computer games and other moving image publications PDF
(v7.0, 71K)
Section 13 submission form for Officials Submission form for Internal Affairs, Police and Customs PDF
(v7.0, 61K)
Section 13 submission form for all others Submission form for all others wishing to seek leave of the Chief Censor to submit a publication PDF
(v7.0, 81K)
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corporate documents
2009 Annual Report The 2009 Annual Report PDF (v7.0, 4.17M)
2008 Annual Report The 2008 Annual Report PDF
(v7.0, 1.3M)
2007 Annual Report The 2007 Annual Report PDF
(v7.0, 2.4M)
2006 Annual Report The 2006 Annual Report

PDF (v7.0, 1.5M)

Statement of Intent Statement of Intent 2009-2012 PDF
(v7.0, 690K)
Statement of Intent Statement of Intent 2008-2011 PDF
(v7.0, 868K)
2008 Ministerial Briefing Brief to Incoming Minister PDF
(v7.0, 1.33M)
2005 Ministerial Briefing Brief to Incoming Minister PDF
(v7.0, 185K)
Submission Submission for Inquiry into Hate Speech October 2004 PDF
(v7.0, 274K)
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Information sheets
Information Sheet One The Powers, Functions and Operation of The Office of Film and Literature Classification PDF
(v7.0, 176K)
Information Sheet Two Censorship: Having Your Say PDF
(v7.0, 177K)
Information Sheet Three Fees for Getting Your Publications Classified PDF
(v7.0, 175K)
Information Sheet Four Guidelines for Written Submissions PDF
(v7.0, 115K)
Information Sheet Five Classification Legislation PDF
(v7.0, 148K)
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2009 Public Consultation The Last House on the Left (2009) PDF (v7.0, 316K)
2009 Research Report A Review of Research on Sexual Violence in Audio-Visual Media PDF
(v7.0, 703K)
2009 Research Report

Public Perceptions of a Violent Video Game X-Men Origins: Wolverine

UMR Perception Analyser results

(v7.0, 487K)

(v7.0, 3.11M)

2008 Research Report Viewing Violence: Audience Perceptions of Violent Content in Audio-Visual Entertainment PDF
(v7.0, 1.79M)
2007 Research Report Public Perceptions of Highly Offensive Language PDF
(v7.0, 87K)
2006 Research Report Public Understanding of Censorship PDF
(v7.0, 88K)
2006 Research Report Young People's Use of Entertainment Mediums PDF
(v7.0, 113K)
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Policy Advice
No. 1
Electronic Games PDF
(v7.0, 170K)
Policy Advice
No. 2
Notification of Classification Decisions PDF
(v7.0, 88K)
Policy Advice
No. 3
Commercial Distribution of Films Granted Festival Fee Waivers PDF
(v7.0, 125K)
Policy Advice
No. 4
Film Festival Submission of Two or More Short Films on One Video Tape PDF
(v7.0, 132K)
Policy Advice
No. 5
Submitting of Video Games Exempt From Labelling Requirements PDF
(v7.0, 142K)
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Classification Office Brochures and Posters

Censorship: the basic facts

Basic Facts Flier

A booklet outlining the censorship process and labelling -suitable as a school resource.To view a larger version of the brochure please open the pdf file.

To view the information within the brochure, click here (pdf v7.0, 325kb).


JPG (1.03M)

Traffic Light Flier

Traffic light flier

A double sided (DL) flier explaining the censorship labelling system - suitable as a school resource. To view a larger version of the brochure please open the pdf file. JPG (30.2K)

Restricted publications flier

Restricted publications flier

The restricted movies flier is a double-sided sheet informing people that it is illegal to supply restricted films or games to underage people. To view a larger version of the brochure please open the pdf file.


JPG (434K)

Classification Label Poster

Classification Label Poster

This poster must be displayed wherever films, DVDs or video games are supplied or exhibited to the public. To view a larger version of the brochure please open the pdf file. PDF
(v7.0, 310K)
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