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  1. I had a great meeting at Carnegie this morning with their experts on Nuclear Disarmament.
  2. - Thanks to Congressman Manzullo for taking us to the Speaker's Balcony to catch the best view of Washington.
  3. A busy day of meetings on Capitol Hill today. A special treat was being taken to Speaker's Balcony by Congressman Manzullo.
  4. Had a good meeting today with Hillary Clinton's top deputy at the State Dept. On our way out we had an impromptu meeting with Tony Blair.
  5. The bells are ringing, so I'm off to the House for question time. I have today's first question. You can watch it online:
  6. - Having a yarn with a few locals at Clubs of Marlborough in Blenheim. It's an impressive venue.
  7. - Admiring the salmon at Queen Charlotte College.
  8. Checking out Queen Charlotte College in Picton. They're doing really good things. Students are running salmon for an aquaculture programme!
  9. Annette's closing address is about 10 minutes away. We're showing that live on too.
  10. My speech to Conference is in 5 minutes. You can watch it at
  11. Speech to Conference at 10am tomorrow. Catch it live at
  12. @MCCentre #FollowFriday - Met Graham and his team at the Merivale Community Centre in Tauranga on Tuesday. They're doing really great work.
  13. Issue 13 of The Goff Report has just been sent. Check it out here:
  14. Today is the last day to have your say on the Bank Inquiry. Submissions close at 6pm. Go to
  15. Ten minutes until my weekly catch up with Wammo on KiwiFM -
  16. Waikato Uni might be forced to turn students away next year because of govt cuts. A crazy situation.
  17. - Just saw the fruits of Enviro Schools programme at Hamilton East school. Real shame funding is being cut - th ...
  18. In Hamilton today. Had lunch with 60 community group reps. A very passionate audience. There's lot of hurt out there due to job losses.
  19. I'm still surprised at Telecom's decision to pay its CEO $5million after the jobs ultimatum its given to its line engineers.
  20. Went to the Silver Ferns match last night with Trev. They got pipped, but it's good to see they're trying new things.