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Putting Names To Faces

My attention was caught today by the 'Dominion Post' front page article, which told of an Australian researcher who wants the public to help her identify Kiwi airmen depicted in over 100 photos found and retrieved from a military rubbish tip.

The airmen all belonged to the RNZAF No.6 Flying Boat Squadron, formed in 1942 and charged with hunting Japanese boats in the Pacific during WWII, and the search to identify them is being undertaken by Australian archivist Jenny Scott – whose father, Flight Lieutenant Alastair Scott, originally rescued the photos. Among the men photographed is Sir Edmund Hillary, who served as a navigator from 1944-45.

Such candid wartime photos are a historical treasure – especially for the families of the young men featured in them. The photo's can be viewed at and any help with the identification of the men will be welcomed. Anyone who recognises one or more of the young men in the photos can inform Jenny Scott at

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