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NO vote wins Anti-Smacking Referendum

Kiwis have spoken. 87.6 percent of the 1,622,150 New Zealanders who participated in the Anti-Smacking Referendum have exercised their right to democracy and voted ‘NO’ (full provisional results). Now it is time for the politicians to listen.

ACT is the only Party that has opposed the anti-smacking legislation since it was introduced to parliament over two years ago and the only Party prepared to listen to Kiwis. We are calling on John Key and the National party to do the right thing. They cannot just ignore over 1.4 million New Zealanders.

Good parents should not be criminalised for using a light smack as part of good parental correction and the Prime Minister should immediately introduce John Boscawen's Crimes (Reasonable Parental Control and Correction) Amendment Bill. It could move quickly through the parliamentary process and parents would no longer have to endure government telling them how to raise their children.

Tonight New Zealanders have made their views clear again and it is time for politicians to listen, acknowledge the message that an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders are sending and, act on it.

ACT is listening and ready to act. The question remains - will the National Party?

Fantastic that common sense

Fantastic that common sense has been expressed so resoundingly. Perhaps we are beginning to see the end of the PC era. Its gone on for far too long. Thanks for linking through to the results. Kiwiblog also has a really good analysis of the results. According to DFP 54% of voters actually cast a vote which translates into 47% voted No, 46% didn't vote and only 7% voted Yes. That's not a very compelling argument to retain a law that is unsupported.

Yes it is time politicians

Yes it is time politicians started to listen - the PC brigade have had force for to long. As with the poll some years ago I guess this poll will be assigned to the waste paper basket. We wait in expectation as to what happens now.

Act could point out to JOhn Key (who has campaigned against the Referendum and said he will not change the law) that he will get ever more browny points if he now eats humble pie and backs John Boscowen's Bill.

Yes great vote result. Congratulations to all those who made it possible.

The real world has law and

The real world has law and order. Although the system is not perfect, justice may not be served upon the offenders ten out of ten, many cannot escape some form of punishment for wrong doing. A light smack is a negative reinforcement to ensure certain mistakes or rule breaking activities are not repeated. Parents should have the rights to set certain boundaries. Politicians can't keep on teaching their grandmothers how to suck eggs.

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