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Anti-Smacking Bill Pulled From The Ballot

After three years without a single Private Member's Bill being drawn, ACT has now had two pulled from the Ballot in a matter of days - Sir Roger Douglas' Voluntary Student Membership Bill last week and, today, John Boscawen's Crimes (Reasonable Parental Control and Correction) Amendment Bill.

This Bill - which could well be described as the Anti 'Anti-Smacking' Bill - is designed to give parents certainty under the law when it comes to the correction of their children and specifically sets out the conditions that a light smack for the purpose of correction can be used. It states that the use of force is defined as unreasonable:

'if it should cause the child to suffer injury that is more than transitional or trifling; or it is inflicted with any weapon, tool or other implement; or it is inflicted in any means that is cruel or degrading.'

The move toward amending the flawed Anti-Smacking law is gaining momentum. More than half of New Zealand's registered voters took part in the Anti-Smacking Referendum - a total 1,684,402 Kiwis. Of those, 87.4 percent - more than 1.4 million - voted 'NO', exercising their right to democracy and calling for the law to be changed. The drawing of John Boscawen's Bill today is another step toward achieving that goal and will ensure that the issue is debated properly in Parliament.

The Anti-Smacking law is a State intrusion into good parents' homes that never should have passed. Now Prime Minister John Key and his National colleagues have an opportunity to set things right and support ACT's Bill. One can only hope that they will re-examine their principles, listen to the people and do the right thing.

During Question Time in Parliament today, Mr Key announced that at 4pm this afternoon he will be making a statement as to whether the National Party will support ACT's Bill.

This is going to badly for

This is going to badly for John Key and the National Party. Ignore 87% of people at your peril. This is the same way that he was elected.

Hard to fathom the thinking

Hard to fathom the thinking of the National Party. They have now had two opportunities to support a law change AND save face. They could have announced immediately after the referendum result that they would put John Boscawen's bill forward as a government bill and support it right through. Almost 90% of voters are worth listening to in my view. The second chance was when the Boscawen bill was pulled out of the ballot on Wednesday this week. John Key should have said he would have supported it. What's wrong with the National party? Maybe they are sick of being in government already?

Well this is certainly ACTs gain. As Mr Boscawen said they have gone from being a 1% party to being an 87% party. All power to you, at least you are listening.

This is the biggest issue

This is the biggest issue parliament has before it.

Not because of any reason but that because now it is institutionalised that New Zealand parliament defys democracy with impunity!

There is now a precedent and confirmation that Vast Confirmed Majorities of voters can be ignored with utter contempt.
Lied to with impunity
And Mocked by the ones they clearly voted in to do exactly the opposite thing.

Act I think you would loose NOTHING to go full blast all guns Blazing on this.

The people that will admire you for it will be Many

Even to the point of Calling a No Confidence Vote Inviting National MPs to Vote in it against themselves and pulling your Confidence and Supply agreement.
There needs to be open revolt!
New Zealanders are frustrated and Hunger for representation.

At worst you will become the King maker party if you do it unanimously.
United Future could have had such a role if Dunne didn't divide it for mercinary cowardous preservation.
He made his party irrelevant and has killed its profile having no Real Values.
The precedent is intolerable.
Invite National to rupture. Form a new effective moderate right party between National and Act.
A crash of the government would be such a great thing for New Zealand democracy here after.
A lesson that would be remembered for a long time.
I have always voted National and sometimes you. This is the time to turn the tables.
the energy is there with no outlet. You can be that outlet for the people. Harness that power.

Because National have Defied the Vote the People and Democracy in a way Far more Blatant than Helen.
Helen Lied but in line with her known Bias.
Key has lied having attacked Helen for doing exactly what he is doing having most of his mandate based on this issue.
Key has rendered himself illegitimate.

It will give you profile and exposure to the rest of your really excellent policies.
You are the only party slightly right and that is only in your free market sense.
You are consistant with NZ's liberal values other than that and NZ can't see it.

National is lefty as I said before the last election but voted them in rather than Labour that are absolute Nuttas.

Give Auckland 100% Maori representation and it will be overturned..

But the Corrupt force behind the smacking law will only be overthrown by deliberate Force of the people. You can be a mouth for the peopel and harness that vast frustrated majority.

Be pragmatic on other issues until that majority see the value in your parties general policies. Many are actually interested in and highly admire/respect your parties views, they just don't see you getting any governing traction.

Here is your 1 chance in decades.

New Zealand is now an Ideocracy -Ideology Rules the Majority that don't accept it.

You Guys have to Act. No one else will... Catch the free ride of the wave of people power that will back you.

Put out some feelers if need be. Get out on the street and ask...what if we did this to random folk. Ask their voting record..You will see.

Did you realise someone is rigging Google and performing partial censorship on this debate on the front google new page for New Zealand?
...It has gotten that Corrput in New Zealand.
A 300 Item story just dissappeared along with three smaller ones off the main news page in a few minute period. It was replaced with one 4 story item written sharing the views of Sue and Deborah Morris as the only thread. There has been no more front News page coverage on the NZ google page since. The stories arn't removed they just are kept from being seen unless searched for.

This happened just after the flak of your bill being drawn was hitting the news.
No story that popular does that! Never!
It takes days for them to slip down the ratings when they are that big. even small stories hang around for close to a week.

Guys Please Act.

I will donate a few thousand $ to you if you go in guns blazing.
I am a simple mortgaged citizen with little to spare but this New Zealand will never be called home by me again after this if the parliament acts like this.

I voted no the smacking

I voted no the smacking referendum and I would like to see future referenda become binding. However the question needs to be not just “whether the results of referenda seeking repeal or amendment of any law should be binding” but also “when a majority of 75% of referendum participants is reached”.
Lets not have any ambiguity right? Otherwise it will fail and be just a waste of effort.

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