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Sunday 11 October 2009

The First Encounter

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Raymond Morgan - 30th July 2006

I expect nothing much to happen that night, just some of that same ole same ole, but thankfully I'm proved wrong

I round the corner and there he stands. I react and glance away so not to make eye contact or reveal my instant attraction.

Though I'd seen him before I had assumed in my own mind that he might not have a preference for me.

I stand some way from him, my body positioned so that it seems I'm looking elsewhere, when all the while I'm keenly observing him.

He stands there with his back to the wall, standing tall. I gaze upon his stature for some time, mesmerized by his handsome features. The word that comes to my mind at that time is woof! Could he be any woofier?

With words unspoken he conveys with a glance and a turn of his head what he desires though I hope my mind is interpreting his gestures correctly.

Seeing his response though only brings about a response of my own. With just our eyes we communicate exactly what it is that we both desire.

My body responds further sending me into a heightened state of awareness

We step into a dark alcove for a moment of foreplay then he beckons to me that we should further our exploration and go into a room.

As he enters the cubicle my mind goes into a state of analysis. Is this a mind game? Just a few weekends earlier I had been subject to such a game.

Am I lowering my defenses only to have someone build up their own ego by playing me with false signals? I put my insecurities to rest and take a chance, eagerly following him into the dimly lit room.

He closes the door…

Conceived And Completed 20th August 2002 Raymond Morgan©2002

NOV05 Authors Note:
"Although this was my first encounter it however was not my last. The First Encounter is dedicated to my partner and we have been together for the past four years since 2001." welcomes short-format writing based on the joy of being gay or lesbian, whether it be verse, essays, anecdotes or personal insights.
The format is not important, the joy is.

Email your contributions to us, acknowledging that copyright beyond the environment of remains with the author, that the work is original, and that is authorised to publish it.

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Raymond Morgan - 30th July 2006