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Sunday 11 October 2009

Leave me Alone

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Nola Richards - 30th July 2006

Inspired by Destiny Church

Verse 1

Did you really thing that picket sign, would make me change inside?
Did you really think that maybe it's just something in my mind?
Maybe if I read your book I'll learn from it to hide
The very thing that makes me who I am, do I deny?


I'm not the one spreading the hate
Just want to be me, and liberate


Would you leave me alone?
Cos I'm only human
Can't help who I am, exist as I stand
Nothing you say, will make me go away

Just leave me alone
Enough separation
Do we have to take sides, another divide
Nothing you pray, will make me go away

Verse 2

Ignorance, intolerance you've become a big excresence,
Marching down the streets with signs, to rid of my existence
So to love the same's a sin, and thats my biggest crime?
Think the worlds got bigger things, with which to spend your time

Pre- Chorus

I'm not the one spreading the hate, I will be me, and you exasperate



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Nola Richards - 30th July 2006