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Sunday 11 October 2009

Your Kiss

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Annie Hensby - 30th July 2006

When we kissed…

The velvet wet softness of your lips
Transported me to another realm.
The moist undulations of our lips
Twirled my chakras in erotic whirls.

I breathed your essence,
And the scent of you elated my soul.
We were as one, for that moment in time.

The aching of the universe disappeared,
Behind a veil of
Impulsive passionate sensuality.
As I inhaled you,
Enchantment pervaded my inner spirit.

When we kissed…
Our inner restraints were discharged,
Our spirits merged,
Bonding the very essence of our beings.
We were alive, totally together.

In that momentary journey,
We were as one,
And at peace.

Closed eyes blanketed the yearning of humanity,
Yesterday's regrets and tomorrows hopes were forgotten…
As we were living only for that moment.

Souls in harmony…
Sinking into bliss.
Soaring as our lips met and caressed,
We forgot the outer world.

But -
Your kiss was my nemesis
For now I yearn for it,
I yearn to hide from the universal ache,
Once more,
I yearn for you to
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Annie Hensby - 30th July 2006