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Sunday 11 October 2009

 Victoria Uni law lecturer Dean Knight
Posted in: Hall of Fame  5th November 2007
"In NZ, we lack momentum the focus to champion LGBT issues. It's hard to get LGBT folk inspired by some of the causes which need to be addressed."

 Toni Shuker, Wellington's Miss Downunder 2007
Posted in: Hall of Fame  27th October 2007
With a little help from a mullet hairstyle and a blue bikini, this 21-year-old single gal became Miss Downunder 2007 at Imerst nightclub...

 Christchurch City Council candidate Matt Morris
Posted in: Hall of Fame  24th September 2007
This gay 'greenie' says he can assist Chch to become a sustainable city, create more grassy zones, and help set up a queer-friendly space for young people.

 Auckland City Council candidate Lindsey Rea
Posted in: Hall of Fame  18th September 2007
Lindsey is a Community Board chairperson and a Justice of the Peace. She now wants to become Auckland City’s first out lesbian City Councilor.

 Christchurch City Council candidate Tony Milne
Posted in: Hall of Fame  8th September 2007
Tony used to feel like Invercargill's "only gay in the village", but now, at 26, he's planning his civil union, and campaigning to become a Chch City Councillor.

 Hannes Eilers, Mr Gay Auckland 2007
Posted in: Hall of Fame  26th July 2007
2007's Mr. Gay Auckland is a tall, blonde and gorgeous German guy. We learned a little more about the 34-year-old hotel manager.

 Duncan Korsten of Ink'd Underwear
Posted in: Hall of Fame  19th July 2007
"Being gay or lesbian has become so normalized that we forget that there are still people who struggle for acceptance and respect from society."

 'The Outlook' producer Glenn Sims
Posted in: Hall of Fame  14th June 2007
He’s kept a low-profile until now, but it was time he came out from behind his camera! We probe Glenn on his life, loves, favourite things and upcoming LGBT telly show.

 Michael Bancroft, HERO chairperson
Posted in: Hall of Fame  19th May 2007
This energetic ex-Catholic priest is currently the chair of Auckland's HERO Charitable Trust, but his involvement in glbt organisations goes way back.

 George FM’s Billy and Bob
Posted in: Hall of Fame  3rd May 2007
Billy and Bob bring you a weekly news, guests, horoscopes, competitions, and gay gig guide on ‘One in Ten,’ NZ’s only nationwide gay radio show.

 Anton Cronje, Mr Urge NZ Bear 2007
Posted in: Hall of Fame  4th April 2007
“I enjoyed the atmosphere of seeing many friends and the buzz of excitement from just being a contestant; no way did I ever think I would win!”

 Zane Buschman, Mr Hunky Spunk 2007
Posted in: Hall of Fame  31st March 2007
“I need cute contestants for my Mr Hunky Spunk contest,” Miss Mole demanded. Zane Buschman answered the call, and showed enough flesh to win big…

 Tim Allingham, NZAF Hamilton
Posted in: Hall of Fame  6th March 2007
In his new role is the NZAF’s Hamilton Regional Manager, Tim will be interacting with the Waikato’s vibrant gay community - and getting those important anti-HIV messages across.

 Takataapui TV 's Levi Bristow
Posted in: Hall of Fame  3rd March 2007
25-year-old Levi Kakuere Bristow has joined Ramon and Tania as the new host of the Maori Channel’s GLBT telly programme, Takataapui.

 Steven Gray, movie critic & Great Debater
Posted in: Hall of Fame  15th February 2007
He’s been a movie critic on the telly, radio and in print for over a decade, and now he's ready to argue with some Rainbow Labour MP’s…