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Saturday 10 October 2009

Come on in - the water's fine

Posted in: Features, Living Well
By Julz Darroch - 10th February 2009

I am sooo all about the water at the moment. This could have started because it's summer, it might be that I'm back teaching aqua exercise classes, would defiantly be the joy of getting the Good Morning team in the pool for a bit of a workout.

But most of all it's all about Matthew Mitcham in the latest Advocate.

I have to be honest; diving is not my area of expertise so I'm going to have to leave you to study those pictures of Matthew (see link below) to learn all about the benefits of his sport.

In your time off from that join me in the shallow end of the pool for the real down low on exercising in water, and you don't even need to know how to swim.


I'm not going to mince my words here- anything in chlorinated water is just hell on your hair do! OMG! If you are a natural blonde with chemical assistance then it's all about the conditioning treatments. While I have yet to actually see a live example I am assured by every hairdresser in the entire universe that your blonde tresses can go an alarming shade of swamp green.

If you are the owner of a regulation dyke fauxhawk then it's all about water resistant hair gel. If you are putting your head under the water then you get what you deserve but for the aqua joggers amongst us then some firm hold gel and careful avoidance of the splashers in the swimming lane next door will mean you can retain your look with no worries!


There are all types of water ‘toys' that one can use to heighten the water exercise experience. Most pools have a stand with aqua belts and other treats, do remember that it's extremely bad form to go to the kids pool and steal the floaties off any kid under 5. (Any kid over 5 wearing floaties is fair game as far as I'm concerned, think of it as a fashion intervention).

If you are aqua jogging then you'll want to wear a flotation belt, they are designed to keep you upright in the water so you can keep talking while you move through the water (aqua jogging is a social event, don't worry if you can't take a friend, the old ladies in the slow lane will keep you company)

And the noodles? Those brightly coloured foam thingies work like weights in the real world, adding extra resistance and an upper body workout. Failing that, chuck it between your legs cowboy and kick off into the sunset for a cardio session.


Not just for the workout!!

However, once you are done looking you should know that in water your body weight is completely supported, which is great if you have injuries that prevent you being at the gym (unless of course those injuries are large, bleeding open ones, yewwwhhh!!!!)

It's also excellent if extra kilos are preventing you running like the wind.

Your body temperature stays lower in the water so you get the impression that you aren't working as hard, but your heart rate will still be up!

And before you ask, no, a couple of laps in the spa pool doesn't count.

See you next month!


Julz Darroch is a Wellington-based Personal Trainer and Fitness Educator who uses her 15 years experience in the fitness industry as an excuse to regularly torture Steve Gray and the Good Morning team live on TVOne.

Send your fitness-related questions and personal training enquiries to, and there's more fitness advice from Julz on the links below... after you check out the Matthew Mitcham gallery on that first link!


Julz Darroch - 10th February 2009

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