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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Mika Haka Kids: Sweat, tears & lime-green tights
Posted in: Television  29th September 2008
A new Maori TV documentary shows how Mika took a bunch of teenagers from shopping malls to world stages. Quick Quiz: The TV shows
Posted in: Television  18th September 2008
Ten quick questions to test your knowledge about gays on telly. How many you can answer correctly?

 What's up with NZ's gay media?
Posted in: Television  4th September 2008
TVNZ's Media7 tackles the topic of gay media with panelists Douglas Jenkin, Johnny Givins and Jay Bennie.

 Welcome to Torchwood
Posted in: Television  8th July 2008
From the creator of Queer as Folk, TV2's new drama follows the adventures of a team of supernatural investigators lead by the pansexual Captain Jack.

 The Art of Lesbian Television Viewing
Posted in: Television  23rd June 2008
The joys of watching television are many-fold for the lesbian viewer, finds Doreen Agassiz-Suddens.

 Fitness dramas at the Good Morning studio!
Posted in: Television, Living Well  19th June 2008
Steve Gray's TV fitness trainer says his push-ups are looking awesome, muscles are even popping up… but what can she do to improve his abs?

 Addicted to The L Word
Posted in: Television  31st May 2008
Kitten Power just can't stop watching Californian dyke drama The L Word, even though it contains the most annoying TV character since Fran Fine…

 Being Gerald: Shortland St's Harry McNaughton
Posted in: Television  8th May 2008
"Gerald's a really interesting character to play. But he's not necessarily gay, as we're about to find out…"

 Shortland St strips for 7pm same-sex shocker
Posted in: Television  1st May 2008
Last night's episode of New Zealand's nightly soap was so gay, TVNZ's censors wanted it edited. Here's our blow-by-blow recap.

 Steven's blonde highlights from Sparkle On Sunday
Posted in: Television  3rd December 2007
Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats for Steven Oates and his star guests as we bring you the very best of his live primetime gay show on Alt TV…