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Saturday 10 October 2009

A very queer week of TV

Posted in: Television
By Matt Akersten - 17th October 2008

A diva with Kinky Boots takes to the catwalk this Sunday, there's a Sex Change Soldier on Wednesday… plus, has Shortland Street's lonely lesbian found a new gal? It all adds up to a very kinky, tranny and lessie week on Kiwi screens. Pass the popcorn!


Based on a true story, the movie Kinky Boots is a comedy about the collaboration and friendship of two extraordinarily different men - from sleepy Northampton and London's gay centre Soho - who strive to save a family-owned shoe factory in the English midlands from closure.

With the sudden death of his father, provincial lad Charlie Price takes up the reins of the family's struggling, traditional shoe business. Looking to London for inspiration, Charlie discovers sassy drag queen, Lola, whose Soho world of outrageous fashion and stylish, erotic boots for men, gives him the idea to diversify production with erotic women's boots for a male market.

With only weeks to go until the crucial Milan Shoe Fair, Lola has the factory in full swing replacing bronzed suede with leopard skins, but Charlie's drive for success and perfection threatens the production line and Milan.

See Kinky Boots on TVOne at 8:30pm this Sunday 19 October. The movie's trailer is shown below this article.


Just a few years ago, Ian Hamilton was a captain in the Parachute Regiment and a highly decorated officer in the British Army having served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

But in 2007, Hamilton became the first officer, and the first paratrooper, in the history of the Armed Forces, to undergo a sex-change operation, and now answers to the name of Jan - an elegant, softly-spoken lady.

"Although my body is male, my mind is female," she explains. "I want how I look on the outside to match how I feel on the inside. I have to do this, because if I don't, you'll be coming to my funeral."

Real Life: Sex Change Soldier sees Hamilton's journey from an alpha-male Para to an ultra-feminine woman. The changes are physical, but the emotional consequences are extensive.

See it on TVOne at 9:30pm this Wednesday 22 October. A 30" preview of the episode will open up in a video box if you click here.

And meanwhile, on SHORTLAND STREET...

After some time away, lesbian nurse Maia Jeffries came home to Shortland Street a couple of months ago, still single (after the murder of her long-term partner Jay last year) and with her tiny baby in-tow.

Maia's love-life hits a fork in the road this week. After a long and loyal friendship with party girl Alice Piper, Maia realises her feelings may be growing into something more.

The two nurses have been sharing a lot more than just a flat recently, with many nights being spent at home divulging stories and secrets. Despite Maia's private hopes for something a little more, she's well aware that Alice is romantically linked to surgeon Ethan Pierce. Will she make a move on an unwitting Alice?

Meanwhile, clinic receptionist Gerald seems comfortable with this Asexuality. Good on him, but his gay fans watching at home still wish he'd be seen with his shirt off more often!

Catch Shortland Street each weeknight at 7pm on TV2.

Matt Akersten - 17th October 2008

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