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Saturday 10 October 2009

Colin Mathura-Jeffree's model behaviour

Posted in: Television
By Matt Akersten - 28th May 2009

NZ's Next Top Model judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree
As NZ's Next Top Model goes down to the wire, its most flamboyant judge admits: "There have been times I've fallen off the wagon and into a quiche!"

With only four girls left in the show, and hundreds of Kiwis' modeling dreams crushed, we chatted to Colin Mathura-Jeffree about dealing with damaged egos and life as a model. We even got a few loving words of advice for our readers… Now that there are only four girls left in the contest, it seemed like it's the slightly older girls leaving, and the slightly more youthful girls staying. Have you found that the younger girls have been better to work with?

Colin M-J: They're all young compared to me darling! Hmmm, you would imagine that the older girls are more set in their ways, but no way. It's amazing how different these girls are and that the girls left are here for a reason. It's a running race and they have taken the lead. In modeling there is no time to let up and relax - that's an Hosanna FACT!

Were you a fan of Tyra Banks' Top Model show before doing NZ's version?

Well, I'm a fan of the international fashion industry. It's been the only real job I've known. I watched the American version and would laugh and say "Whatever - that's so wrong" and in other parts they were so bang on the mark I would sigh and wish someone told me that when I started out. I made so many mistakes.

How do you deal with the damaged egos… the girls who have given it their all but still not gotten through?

That's where I'm great! I tell them to shake it off and move on. In modeling for every job gotten there are 100 models out in the cold. You need to have faith in yourself. Work it. There have been times I've fallen off the wagon and into a quiche'- It's about self belief.

Would you care about being known as the 'harsh' judge, or would you not mind that? Is diplomacy important, or honesty?

The girls - are they ready for the catwalk?
People have said the most interesting things about me. No matter what, I'm real. The critique I give is based on my experience. I'm an international model - having worked extensively overseas. In fashion we laugh, we are direct and we don't waste time. Some people are jealous - thank God they only say it behind my back because I'm not ashamed to slap someone (laughs heartily).

What's life like as a male model? Would you say male models have an easier time than female ones, or more difficult?

Cliché! Cliché! (laughs) I believe life is what we make of it. I think models have a fabulous time… really… spoilt! I just had a call from Janine, she and I modeled in the early 1990's. We are still in touch and do shows. The friends I have are in this industry - not because they're the best people and better than others but because we relate. Look around you and seek out friends, and make the best of your life. People need to weed out bad people too. Pay is great as a model… but was better a few years ago. I'm glad I do foreign jobs.

Do people always assume male models are gay? Does that make life strange for straight male models?

I can tell you some stories. Yes, some people do think that any good-looking guy is gay. To me it's pathetic.I figure it's because they - the accuser - fancies the hot guy. I have seen it a million times ..."Are you gay?"Then after a few beers they're trying to kiss you! Models are models... not straight or gay... they're models. You don't go: "For this advertising campaign let's get that gay model."

What's planned for you next after NZ's Next Top Model ends?

Hang out at some straight bars - laughing my ass off!

Actually there are a lot of job offers. But I want to have a holiday. I was going to go to Cyprus before Top Model swallowed my life…

Anything else to add, for your fans reading on these cooling Autumn evenings?

My advice - if you're down - spoil yourself. Get a sexy haircut. Buy some cologne - I wear Jean Paul Gautier's Le Male. And make new friends all the time. Also if you have a crush, don't worry if he or she is gay or not because people fall in love with people. It's alright to be in love. I know - I love myself!

NZ's Next Top Model screens on TV3 Fridays at 7:30pm.

Matt Akersten - 28th May 2009

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