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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Intolerance: The Wanganui Incident
Posted in: True Stories  13th August 2009
NZ’s most tragic gay scandal began in Wanganui and finished, for one man, when he was shot dead on the streets of Berlin. It destroyed the life of another.

 Jeff's story: Being gay in prison
Posted in: True Stories  25th July 2009
Jeff was in his early 20's when he was jailed for a year on assault charges. He shares his story about life behind bars.

 Feeling down? Get with the SPARX programme!
Posted in: Community  20th July 2009
Here's how a new virtual world can help same-sex attracted young people find a way through depression and into a happier real life.

 Kestin's story: T is for Testosterone
Posted in: True Stories  17th July 2009
"I remember knowing that I wasn't a girl when I was around five or so. Since being on Testosterone, I feel like I've come to life."

 God save the Queens!
Posted in: Community, Blogger Zone  16th July 2009
Michael Stevens writes: "It's easier to hide an elephant in your armpit than a queen in a crowd!"

 Bruno's world: Gay life in Austria
Posted in: People  10th July 2009
Some gay Austrians have been bristling at Bruno. He replies "Get ueber it!" But what's life really like for LGBT Austrians?

 Kiwis say 'Fuck You!' to homophobia
Posted in: Community  9th July 2009
New Zealand's own Big Gay Anti-Hate Video is now complete and ready to roll on YouTube!

 Meet Toni Reid, Rainbow Youth's new Chairperson
Posted in: Hall of Fame  30th June 2009
Toni was 16 when Rainbow Youth visited her school. Eight years later, she's become Chairperson just in time for its exciting 20th anniversary.

 Youngest orchestra conductor Brent John Stewart
Posted in: Hall of Fame  25th June 2009
"Music has an incredible grip on my emotions - it can turn me into a water feature very quickly."

 Rachel's story: "My cancer struggle"
Posted in: True Stories  15th June 2009
Napier-born Rachel Deane's life changed forever when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early 30's. She shares her brave and moving story.

 Carmen's whirlwind Wellington visit
Posted in: True Stories  4th June 2009
A much-loved Kiwi icon now living in Sydney, Carmen Rupe visited her old stomping ground for an action-packed Queens Birthday weekend.

 Agender's transformational transgender conference
Posted in: Community  3rd June 2009
75 delegates met in Wellington at the weekend to share stories, network and help build New Zealand's transgender community.

 Andy King's passion for investigation
Posted in: Community, HIV  1st June 2009
As gay men respond to a call to contact police with information about the 'HIV predator' who is this man who will take their calls and listen to their stories?

 Mimi Boyz is the Queen of all Queens!
Posted in: Hall of Fame  1st June 2009
Mimi Boyz wowed the crowd at Family bar with her revealing show and won their glam drag contest! We got to know Mimi more intimately...

 Cruz's Outstanding Gayness Award goes to... Thane Pullan
Posted in: Hall of Fame  24th May 2009
"I don't see myself as courageous, but hey if people want to give me awards just for being myself, let them!"