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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Kiwis take flight to Copenhagen's Outgames
Posted in: Events  15th July 2009
It's all kicking off in Denmark next week, with a diverse bunch of Kiwis planning to fly the New Zealand flag at the World Outgames.

 Queen of the Whole Universe - Secrets revealed!
Posted in: Events  13th July 2009
YouTuber Jade Turner chats to Kevin Baker and Jonathan Smith (A.K.A Buffy and Bimbo) about the future of the Queen of the Whole Universe pageant.

 Queens of a parallel Universe - look out Wellington!
Posted in: Events  24th June 2009
"In that moment when the curtain peels back and the audience sees us for the first time, a split second of elated nausea washes over me."

 So who deserves to win Big Brother?
Posted in: Events  23rd June 2009
Six 'Housemates' tackled two weeks of fun tasks set by our mischievous Big Brother. It's now time to decide who takes home our winners' prize pack!

 Steven & Stephen's incredible chicken race
Posted in: Events  21st June 2009
Dressed as chickens, a gay couple has flown the coup and is hitchhiking around NZ to win thousands in cash.

 Queer art show ruffles feathers in Christchurch
Posted in: Events  22nd May 2009
Here's a few glimpses of the 'Queer Takes' art show happening for Chch Pride Week, including one image which turned out to be too risqué for the Garden City!

 Getting on with creating Auckland's LGBT Festival 2010
Posted in: Events  20th May 2009
"February is only nine months away – there's not much time to get started on planning for a successful festival Auckland can be proud of."

 A packed week of Christchurch Pride
Posted in: Events  8th May 2009
With a wide variety of fun events planned, Christchurch's annual Pride Week is set to rock the Garden City's LGBT communities on 15-24 May.

 NZ's Candlelight Memorial 2009
Posted in: Events  7th May 2009
This Sunday, Kiwis across the country will be among the first people in the world to mark the 26th Annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

 "I'm off to the World Outgames. Anyone with me?"
Posted in: Events  6th May 2009
Bren's heading to Copenhagen to play hockey at July's World Outgames. But he's not sure if any other Kiwis are going...