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Saturday 10 October 2009

 ACT: Getting government out of our lives
Posted in: Features  22nd October 2008
Perhaps it's not surprising that ACT wants government influence and legislative restrictions out of our bedrooms and out of our relationships.

 NZ First: "Fighters against prejudice"
Posted in: Features  19th October 2008
Despite the party leader's anti-gay slurs and a mixed Civil Unions voting record, Doug Woolerton says NZ First is a fighter against all forms of prejudice.

 Charles Chauvel: National's mask slips
Posted in: Features  17th October 2008
"Behind the mask that is John Key's bland smile, the same old bigots seek to congregate around the Cabinet Table."

 United Future 2.0: The little party that's changed
Posted in: Features  12th October 2008
In the first of our party political interviews, Peter Dunne fronts for United Future, which he says has no regrets about losing its anti-glbt voices.

 Out and about with Louisa Wall
Posted in: Features  16th September 2008
Labour MP Louisa Wall reports back from a busy few months of events connecting with the LGBT communities.

 "Out of the closet and into the House"
Posted in: Features  6th September 2008
Retiring gay MP Tim Barnett reflects on his experiences as one of New Zealand's most visible and outspoken glbt politicians.

 Tim Barnett's remarkable journey
Posted in: Features  4th September 2008
It's been a remarkable journey for retiring MP Tim Barnett... from Rugby, England, to Parliament and a commitment of love.

 No Straight Answer: The Partial Defence of Provocation
Posted in: Features  2nd September 2008
Still used in NZ law, the Partial Defence of Provocation can lead to lighter sentences for killers of gay men. Conrad Reyners investigates.

 Ahead of the Olympics, are China's gays in trouble?
Posted in: Features  6th August 2008
Some stories have suggested gay venues in Beijing and Shanghai were under threat from police raids – but were those tales just 'Chinese whispers'?

 Charles Chauvel: NZ gets serious with school bullies
Posted in: Features  2nd August 2008
Following a number of recent high-profile incidents involving bullying, Labour's Charles Chauvel welcomes the new Anti-Bullying in Schools Initiative.

 Review: The Life of Brian
Posted in: Features  17th July 2008
What did we learn about the Bishop of Bling, Destiny church's leader Brian Tamaki, from tonight's TV3 documentary?

 What's ahead in MP Louisa Wall's diary?
Posted in: Features  20th June 2008
Rainbow Labour's newest MP checks her e-mail inbox and finds invites to LGBT community events she'll attend over the next few months.

 Labour MP Chris Carter: "It's about dignity"
Posted in: Features  24th May 2008
After acting as a witness in a Pakistani couple's Civil Union, Chris Carter reflects on Aotearoa's fortunate status in the LGBT equality stakes.

 "Never forget": Maryan Street MP marks Candlelight 2008
Posted in: Features, HIV  15th May 2008
"I think our greatest current concern is our own complacency. Honouring those who have died surely must involve learning from their experiences?"

 Australia: Civil Unions or Registered Partnerships?
Posted in: Features  4th May 2008
The Aussies are finally catching up to the rest of the Commonwealth with relationship equality reforms. But now they have a decison to make...