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Saturday 10 October 2009

Obituary: David Milne, aka, Dorabella

Posted in: Community
By Rachael Le Mesurier and NZAF staff - 18th August 2009

OBITUARY: David Milne, (Dorabella) 1955 - 2009

David Milne
David Milne, aka Dorabella, a long-term supporter, employee and friend of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation passed away from pneumonia in Brisbane last Thursday 13 August 2009.

David was a creative, generous and positive force in the NZAF South/Te Toka regional office. Born on 19 October 1955 in Southland, David left New Zealand after his schooling and lived for several years in Amsterdam. After his return from Amsterdam to New Zealand in the mid 1980s, David lived mainly in Christchurch and Auckland and worked in a number of roles in the fashion and hospitality industries.

David began volunteering at the NZAF in Auckland and after settling in Christchurch he continued to volunteer at NZAF South/Te Toka before being employed, initially on a part-time basis, as an Administration Assistant in October 2003.

Laura Jones, NZAF Regional Manager and a friend of David's describes him as “creative beyond words. Dorabella, his alter ego, had an extensive and dazzling costume collection that he made. He was resourceful and ingenious; he made his own Edina and Patsy dolls, accurate down to the tiny cigarettes and champagne bottle. His influence was seen around the Te Toka building as he made most of the curtains and some of the furniture. He had a good eye for arranging flowers - fresh and silk, loved to cook and many days had strawberry milk with his lunch which we found charming.”

“Also he could be very earthy and cut straight to the heart of the matter which went over well with people who called with questions about HIV transmission. His compassion with newly diagnosed clients and efficiency on their behalf was greatly appreciated and they often came in a bit early to chat with him as a peer.”

David Skelton, a friend whom David had met in the early 1980s, remembered the same creative talent manifested in his skilful gardening. In addition to his artistic endeavours Skelton says he was "amazed at how David lived with his illness. He enjoyed life in a genuine and sincere way. He never complained and if something affected him it never showed - he just got on with life."

The NZAF will always be grateful to David for sharing his talent, skills and generosity of spirit with us. Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with David's partner Saleem and his family at this time."

A memorial service will be held for David on Saturday, 22 August 2009 at 11.00am at John Rhind Funeral Directors in Christchurch.

- Rachael Le Mesurier and NZAF staff

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Rachael Le Mesurier and NZAF staff - 18th August 2009