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Saturday 10 October 2009

'Straight Acting' winner Bray Croft

Posted in: Hall of Fame
By - 19th April 2009

'Straight Acting' winner Bray Croft
24-year-old Bray won a part on Shortland Street and many other star-making prizes in the outrageous game show 'Straight Acting' on K' Road.

In the final heat last Saturday night at the Naval & Family bar, Bray and six other contestants had to answer TV and film-related knowledge questions and act out a comedic scene inspired by Shortland Street, among other fun tasks - all in front of celebrity guest judges.

Along with a guest role on Shortland Street, Bray will get a one year contract with Talento Management, a photoshoot with Robert Trathen, his hair and make up done by Cut Above, a Studio 111 Television Presenters Course, and a Studio 111 'Auditioning' Course - a total prize package worth well over $1,000.

We got to know NZ's next superstar a little better… How do you feel now you've won the Straight Acting contest? Looking forward to getting onto the Shorty St set?

Bray Croft: I feel really excited!! I still haven't been able to really fathom it or let it all sink in to be honest, It's going to be a HUGE experience for me and I guess I'm sitting on cloud9 still!

Most definitely looking forward to being on Shortland St!! It's a show we've all grown up with, so to be given a fantastic foot in the door is a dream come true! Who knows, maybe I can be the next Psycho killer? (laughs)

What do you think gave you the edge over the other contestants?

Bray with gameshow host Steven Oates
I think my 'go get it' attitude? I really don't know the answer! I didn't think I would win, the other contestants were fantastic and I had so much fun with them. But I was determined to win and just have fun doing it!

What do you do for a job during the week?

I work for Gen-I which is part of Telecom. I'm based in a national dispatch unit where we are in charge of basically the smooth running of our corporate customers' phone and IT services that we provide, as well as maintaining and installing new systems.

What's your background, and where did you grow up?

I was born in Gisborne in '84, and then in '86 my family made the move to Wellington to the Kapiti Coast. Spent most of my life there and went back to Gizzy a few times and worked in a surf shop up there after 6th form and then came back a bit into my 7th form year (I didn't do much, just drama and Stage Challenge!)

Moving on from that I lived in Wellington for a few years, and then made the move to Auckland in November 2005.

When did you come out as gay, and what was that like for you at the time?

I was 15 at the time, and it was something I was so so sure about. I had told my closest friends and they seemed ok with it – every person I told seemed to be like a weight off of my shoulders. When I told my mum I was in absolute tears. I remember not even being able to speak – and she smiled and said she loved me and it was all OK! Dad was much the same with giving me the Fatherly shoulder hold and said that he was very proud of me. It made everything a lot better!

What's your relationship status?

Taken! Who would of thought? (laughs) I've been with my partner Naia for about 2 and half years now.

What do you think are the most pressing issues currently facing the NZ's LGBT community?

Segregation within the community, its rife and quite unpleasant. For being known to be a friendly bunch of people, the gay community can be quite bitchy and revolting towards others. It doesn't happen much, but it is there.

Oh and the recession! But the good side is, lots of sales!

What's your worst habit?

Thanking people too much, I'm always saying 'Thank-you so much' or being too humble, apparently it can come across the wrong way!

Your biggest fear?

Rabbits, I kid you not! I was mauled by one when I was school - the class pet - and I had bandages and a tetanus injection, being six it was so traumatic! So now I steer clear of them!

Your favourite music at the moment?

I'm really digging Pharell at the moment, he has some good stuff coming out like his track My Drive Thru featuring Santogold and Julian Casablancas. And Lady Gaga's Lovegame. Also to be cliché – Britney Spears!

Any books or magazines you're reading and recommending?

I'm a complete geek when it comes to this! I'm reading a few by best selling author Terry Goodkind called The Sword of Truth series – which has been turned into a TV show The Legend of the Seeker (On Mondays at 8:30pm on Prime) – its an amazing load of books and Goodkind's expressive writing style is really amazing.

Your favourite movies?

Girl, Interrupted and The Crucible!

Your favourite TV programmes?

The Legend of the Seeker

The Comeback


Battlestar Galactica


… and too many others to name!

Your favourite websites?

The Forum!

… once again, I visit so many!

If you could have one wish granted what would it be?

That STD's and HIV/AIDS had never existed!

And maybe a few billion dollars? (laughs)

Who are your LGBT heroes?

Someone who I have always admired for believing in herself is Miss Georgina Beyer. I met her once and it was really uplifting.

What's coming up in the near future for you?

Well I guess being on Shortland Street for starters! And I would love the opportunity to be on TV2's Go Girls. Possibly do more stage acting and involve myself more in becoming a known face!

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