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Saturday 10 October 2009

Cruz's Outstanding Gayness Award goes to... Thane Pullan

Posted in: Hall of Fame
By Matt Akersten - 24th May 2009

Outstanding: Thane Pullan
For the second year running, punters at Christchurch's Cruz nightclub voted at the bar to nominate their friends for a variety of categories, including 'Dancefloor Hottie' and 'Teen Queen'.

Sporting bright pink hair and bopping about in his wheelchair, 23-year-old Thane Pullan was the deserving winner of the coveted title 'Outstanding Gayness'! But he tells us he was a little surprised to win… Well done on your win! How does it feel to have the ' Outstanding Gayness' title?

Thane Pullan: I was told I was nominated for the Outstanding Gayness award I thought that he was joking but no and I actually won it! At first I was just extremely puzzled on why I was even nominated but one of my friends said people just admire my attitude towards life, now I can only assume that they are not talking about my bitchy side and are talking about my 'courage', I just go out and do things.

I really don't know what people are on about honestly, I don't see myself as courageous, but hey if people want to give me awards just for being myself, let them!

Thane's one-of-a-kind award
How did Chch Pride Week go? What was your involvement?

It went well, I went to some other events such as the UniQ dance party and other smaller gatherings. I updated the Christchurch Pride Week website for this year which basically involved putting all the sponsor logos and schedule information on it. I have experience with building websites, I learned after high school though I have not got any valid qualifications, I just picked up everything through online tutorials.

How do you keep yourself busy? Do you work?

Primarily I spend my time on my computer working on my online business. Currently I am looking at changing careers. I done the same thing for eight years and it is time to go in a different direction, I am just not sure which.

I also go to various queer groups and visit friends.

What's your background, and where did you grew up?

I have lived in the same house all of my life. I am a twin, but unlike my twin I was born with a disability called cerebral palsy and got adopted out. I got good grades at school but quit when I got my school certificate to run my internet businesses and I was a complete workaholic for seven years, these days I am much more social!

When did you come out as gay, and what was that like for you at the time?

I came out at the end of last year; I should have done it sooner. At first I was scared to death that my parents wouldn't accept me but it was an absolute non issue for them and everyone I know really.

I have been extremely fortunate in the level of acceptance compared to the horror stories of friends. Then the first time I visited a gay club and until few months after I developed a few crushes on several guys who had partners or otherwise weren't interested, luckily I have stopped doing that! At the same time I was very frustrated that guys didn't talk to me because I can't verbally communicate and to be honest this is still an issue for me. I have somewhat accepted it and mainly go to the local gay club to dance.

Thane was his award at Cruz
What's your relationship status? What kind of guy would you look for?

Single! UGH! Sick of it! Someone save me! I have been single since I left high school, and never had a boyfriend.

What type of guy would I go for? Well let's completely ignore the physical side as it is kind of irrelevant for a long term genuine relationship. OK so a cute, blue-eyed, blonde hunk with a six pack would be preferred but for long term or lifetime if you like, looks are not a priority for me. Someone around my age is important, and he has to be intelligent, quick witted, a happy person, not afraid to speak his mind, can make very distasteful jokes, someone who is passionate about music and dancing, preferably someone who dislikes celebrities/sport, someone who understands and appreciates me would be the main thing.

What do you think are the most pressing issues currently facing the NZ's LGBT community?

Hmmmm well for me I am concerned about people's attitudes towards STDs. I have found they don't take safe sex practices nearly as seriously enough, or perhaps that is only the small number of people I have discussed the issue with.

What's your worst habit?

Complaining to my friends and just generally saying negative things when I was around people.

Your biggest fear?

Three words: hard drive failure.

If you could have one wish granted what would it be?

That's easy! To not have a disability!

Your favourite music at the moment?

Katy Perry's Hot N' Cold is the song of the moment and I also like Pink more and more lately.

Though nothing beats dancing to Linkin Park!

Your favourite movies?

Airplane and The Naked Gun series.

Your favourite TV programmes?

The only current shows I watch are House and Law & Order and X-Files and Law & Order repeats on Sky.

Past favourites are Boston Legal, Becker, Norm, Blackadder, Dead Ringers, Titus and Arrested Development.

Your favourite websites?

Hmmmm well I guess since I can keep up to date with friends.

What's coming up in the near future for you?

In July I have to give a presentation on how eye computer control works so I should start. I really can't think of anything else, I really have to find some direction in my life, something that excites me, something creative.

We hear you're a blogger too?

Yes, I have a blog but I mainly use it to vent about everything that annoys me, which is pretty much everything really. People appear to love my blunt comments and humour!

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Matt Akersten - 24th May 2009