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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Drug funding delay "putting lives at risk"
Posted in: HIV, New Zealand Daily News  23rd June 2009
Pharmac is accused of relegating NZ HIV treatment to second class status and putting lives at risk.

 Calling all Sexually Adventurous Men - Meet SAM!
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  16th June 2009
Currently debuting in all-male sex venues, SAM can tell you everything you need to know about 21st-century manlove.

 "Let's talk about sex, baby..."
Posted in: Safe Sex  9th June 2009
"Gay men have a reputation for having way more sex than straights. Just how far this reputation matches reality is hard to say."

 The '80's! I had the time of my life...
Posted in: Features, Living Well  6th June 2009
Get those leg warmers out and switch on the ghetto blaster!'s fitness guru Julz Darroch is a big fan of working out '80's style.

 The 'HIV predator' case: Is it a first?
Posted in: Features, HIV  3rd June 2009
The case of the gay man currently in custody and charged with willfully infecting young men with HIV may set a NZ legal precedent.

 Andy King's passion for investigation
Posted in: Community, HIV  1st June 2009
As gay men respond to a call to contact police with information about the 'HIV predator' who is this man who will take their calls and listen to their stories?

 VIDEO: Getting yourself tested
Posted in: HIV  31st May 2009
Steven Oates went along to the NZ AIDS Foundation's Burnett Centre to get a free and fast HIV test.

 What you should know about HIV and confidentiality
Posted in: Features, HIV  28th May 2009
Who knows what and who can they tell? With HIV, personal privacy reigns supreme.

 What you should know about HIV and the law
Posted in: Features, HIV  21st May 2009
What is the legal situation around HIV transmission in New Zealand? Jay Bennie explores local court cases to date, and shares the 'Golden Rule'.

 Gay Sexual Ethics: What's acceptable?
Posted in: Safe Sex  20th May 2009
In the wake of Auckland's HIV 'predator' care, what are the parameters of allowable consensual gay sexual behaviour?

 PREP HIV prevention - Does it work?
Posted in: HIV  18th May 2009
'Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis' is the latest buzzword circulating around USA HIV- gay male circles to avoid condom use. But does it work?

 Canada's HIV Laws - But it Takes Two to Tango
Posted in: HIV  7th May 2009
In Canada, there appears to be an alarming tendency toward quasi-criminalisation of HIV positive folk, based on one-sided and draconian criminal law.

 Callboys: Love and Money
Posted in: Safe Sex  27th April 2009
DNA magazine has uncovered a new result of the current recession - laid-off gay ex-finance sector professionals who get laid... for money.

 25 Years of HIV: Don't Give Up
Posted in: HIV  23rd April 2009
Today marks 25 years since the discovery of HIV. Are we any closer to finding a vaccine after all this time? If so, how would it work?

 Recession Versus Raunch?
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  12th April 2009
The gay male erotic entertainment industry in the USA is suffering in the current economic climate - but it may not be the recession itself that's to blame.