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Saturday 10 October 2009


Listen Up

9th January 2009

Seasonal Sounds

Posted by: Kitten Power

Have you ever noticed that your music taste is slightly altered by seasons?

I watched an amazing show from Seattle band Fleet Foxes at Auckland’s Bruce Mason Centre last night - and it struck me that their music was the soundtrack to my winter. Their songs, with their warm four-part harmonies, evoke a feeling of respite from the cold. It’s a sound that is exactly perfect for curling up with a nip of scotch in front of an open fire, hiding from the rain and reality outside.

To be fair, it probably helps that the first song I heard from the band is called White Winter Hymnal.

But my new love of folk, of alt-country, of music from America’s northwest emerged this past winter. Strangely, I also found myself drawn to a litany of bands with animal names in the title - tracks from Band of Horses, Caribou, Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear, The Mountain Goats were among those loaded into my music library in the middle of 2008.

Yet now as the nation is sweating through a heatwave that has many of us scrambling into our air conditioned cars and cruising to the beach, it has left me with a new summer romance - a pop flirtation.

Songs I kinda liked, but did not love, in winter, are becoming favoured parts of my summer playlist, as I seek lighter more chilled-out tunes.

So I just went through my mp3 player and deleted winter warmers like Sigur Ros and Radiohead and added the soul and pop vibes which are easing me through summer.

Here’s a mini sampler:

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van

Gnarls Barkley - Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Sia - Academia

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