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Saturday 10 October 2009

 A Matter of Urgency?
Posted in: Comment  14th August 2009
It's fairly rare that Parliament could ever be accused of being a virtuous circle- but provocation defence abolition seems to be one exception. So, why not pass the proposed abolition bill under urgency?

 Ulterior Motives?
Posted in: Comment  27th July 2009
Opponents of provocation defence abolition have descended to ad hominem abuse, darkly muttering that abolitionists have ulterior motives. In my case, yes. The provocation defence sanctions violence against women as well as homophobic homicide.

 Provocation's defenders!
Posted in: Comment  24th July 2009
Unbelievably, some members of the social conservative fringe are trying to preserve the existence of the provocation defence...

 Clayton Weatherston: One 'Provocation' too far?
Posted in: Comment  23rd July 2009
Justice Minister Simon Power is about to announce the abolition of the Provocation Defence, thus indirectly removing this offensively homophobic defence counsel tactic from the statute books.

 Uganda: Homophobia and History
Posted in: Comment  16th July 2009
Why does Uganda persecute its lesbian and gay citizens when it has so many other woes?

 UK gay man facing jail for helping ill partner to die
Posted in: Comment  10th July 2009
In the United Kingdom, a gay man may receive a prison sentence because he aided the suicide of his lover... in Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal. Notably, this isn't an HIV/AIDS-related case.

 Postmortem: Why did the Medicinal Cannabis Bill fail?
Posted in: Comment  8th July 2009
When I heard that Metiria Turei's private members bill to decriminalise medicinal cannabis derivatives had fallen at first hurdle, I was briefly annoyed - until I realised that perhaps there were underlying flaws.

 Victory in India!
Posted in: Comment  3rd July 2009
The Delhi High Court has ruled that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code can no longer be used to treat gay sex as a criminal offence.

 Hang in there, India
Posted in: Comment  1st July 2009
After the heartbreak occassioned by the brutality of Iran's Ahmajenidad regime against student and other youthful protestors, India may be about to embrace homosexual law reform at long last.

 Iranian Tragedy
Posted in: Comment  25th June 2009
30 years after Iran's Islamic Revolution, it isn't only gays who are suffering, as students riot after a stolen election. How did it get this bad?

 The rise and fall of porn?
Posted in: Comment  18th June 2009
20 years or so after the cessation of hostilities over censorship and erotic entertainment media, a new foray has been fired from the leftoid corner.

 Tamihere stirs anti-gay hate over HIV accused
Posted in: Features  17th June 2009
Talkback host John Tamihere has filled 3 hours with erratic and error-ridden commentary on the 40-yr-old man accused of infecting people with HIV.

 The Recession Vs. Sexual Boundaries
Posted in: Comment  13th June 2009
What happens to sexual politics during a time of economic retrenchment? Good question.

 All eyes on the Mount Albert by-election
Posted in: Features  6th June 2009
Who will replace NZ's most gay-friendly Prime Minister in the Mount Albert electorate? The four main candidates answered our questions.

 Antigay Bullying: An American Perspective
Posted in: Comment  2nd June 2009
What does Michael Kimmel's excellent book Guyland - about the dysfunctions of adolescent male identity - have to say about antigay bullying?