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Saturday 10 October 2009

Jason Napier has two new gay fans

Posted in: Worth Checking Out
By Matt Akersten - 23rd June 2009

Facing life-threatening surgery, Jason Napier is on a Facebook quest for fame. He called CampFM on Monday night and found common ground with its celebrity-seeking hosts!

Fame finder: Jason Napier
23-year-old Jason from Wellington has a potentially fatal brain condition, and will have urgent surgery next week. Staring death in the face, he decided to try to fulfill one of his life's goals - getting famous.

Starting a Facebook group last week, he hit 100 followers on Sunday night. After TV One News told his story the next day, and other media followed suit, he has now reached well over 12,475 group members - that's one of New Zealand's biggest Facebook groups.

Among his fans are gay radio presenters Aaron and Andy of Monday night show Camp FM. "Jason Napier is hot," they blogged. "We love his attitude — when facing something truly scary he's out there pushing himself, and we love people like us who push themselves."

When Jason called them for a live-on-air interview, Aaron told him there'd be a definite market for him singing naked in the shower, among other things… listen below, and you too can join Jason's Facebook group and get updates on how he's doing. Good luck Jase!

Matt Akersten - 23rd June 2009