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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Simon's story: Surviving cancer
Posted in: True Stories  24th September 2009
"I'd never been so scared in my life. I remember being wheeled into the operating room and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably."

 Album review: Cascada's 'Evacuate the Dancefloor'
Posted in: Music  22nd September 2009
"Cascada exist for a single purpose; to create those stomping dance tunes that get you out on the floor."

 Cash crisis hits OUTLine
Posted in: Community  21st September 2009
NZ's LGBT telephone support network OUTLine is in desperate straits, cutting staff and services.

 Being gay in Japan: Homophobia & Universalism?
Posted in: Comment  19th September 2009
Japan has a rich and flourishing history of male homoerotic art and literature, so why is it that LGBT progress in that country is so glacially slow?

 Rachael's story: A minority within a minority
Posted in: True Stories  19th September 2009
A change in gender identity can mean a loss of sexual identity, even total invisibility. Racheal McGonigal explains.

 That's so Jewish!?
Posted in: Community, Blogger Zone  17th September 2009
That's so Jewish? I wouldn't say that or even think it, because it's offensive. So why do people think it's fine to say "That's so gay!"?

 Bringing Mates & Lovers to life
Posted in: Performance  16th September 2009
"Our actors are keenly aware of and feel responsible for these stories - they know they carry a lot on their shoulders."

 Amie & Kim's Civil Union at Dot's Sister
Posted in: Civil Unions  15th September 2009
Westie girls Amie and Kim now live in Wellington but shared their special day with their family and friends in Auckland's campest café!

 VIDEO: The GET IT ON! launch at Family bar
Posted in: Events, Safe Sex  15th September 2009
Auckland's hottest drag divas launched New Zealand's newest safe sex campaign in style when they cruised K' Road in funky smartcars.

 "Get it On!" condom campaign launched
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Safe Sex  12th September 2009
The NZ AIDS Foundation's new condom promotion "Get it On!" starts today with a new website, text service and ad campaign.

 Rainbow Wellington: "End provocation defence now"
Posted in: Comment  12th September 2009
LGBT advocacy group Rainbow Wellington is doing all it can to ensure NZ's 'gay panic' defence is removed. Here's its submission to Parliament.

 Hamilton Pride Week: It's all on in the 'Tron
Posted in: Events  10th September 2009
Whether you're into politics, games, the outdoors, movies or just partying hard, Hamilton's Pride Week has something for all sorts of interests.

 Announcing Auckland's Aroha Festival!
Posted in: Events  9th September 2009
Takataapui star Mika says he's thrilled to confirm a new LGBT festival for 2010 which aims to celebrate all things queer and ignite and inspire native cultures.

 Max's story: A Transgender Inquiry
Posted in: True Stories  8th September 2009
"I find with younger people that, more and more, they're not wanting to identify as trans. They're more likely to call themselves genderqueer."

 Album review: Whitney Houston's 'I Look To You'
Posted in: Music  8th September 2009
It's been seven years since Whitney released her last album - so has she still got 'the voice'?