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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Review: Should you go to Bruno?
Posted in: Movies  6th July 2009
"Some backbiting guys in ze gayvorld say Bruno's a bad spokesman for us - but you don't hear ze astronaut community bitching about Buzz Lightyear!"

 Film on TV: Notes on a Scandal
Posted in: Movies  13th June 2009
If it is acceptable for the lonely teacher Sheba to seek sexual love from a student, can we condemn predatory Barbara's wish to share her love with younger Sheba?

 Review: Patrik Age 1.5
Posted in: Movies  2nd June 2009
A light touch and some delicious comic moments make this an OutTakes 09 Festival offering worth seeing.

 Out Takes 2009 film schedule revealed
Posted in: Movies  15th May 2009
"We've been able to pick the best queer films from the last two years and we're thrilled with the quality and diversity of this year's line-up."

 Sunday Theatre: Apron Strings
Posted in: Movies  27th April 2009
On TV One this Sunday, cultures collide and families clash in a uniquely Kiwi film - where a coming out experience just adds to the drama.

 Review: Untouchable Girls - The Topp Twins Movie
Posted in: Movies  7th April 2009
"'A love letter to New Zealand' sums the Topp Twins Movie up beautifully. It's an emotional story sent to us from two very exceptional ladies."

 Our stories on screen at the Doco Film Fest
Posted in: Movies  24th February 2009
2009's Doco Film Fest includes a gay couple's Roman romp, love between Muslim men, Kiwi transgender art and a look at NZ's Homosexual Panic Defence.

 The rainbow-coloured envelope please!
Posted in: Movies  23rd February 2009
Who's been nominated and who's won Academy Awards for playing LGBT movie roles over the years?

 Review: Brilliant, tender Milk
Posted in: Movies  29th January 2009
Almost everything about Milk, especially Sean Penn's performance as the assassinated gay activist, is superb.

 Review: Another Gay Sequel - Dumbest Gay Movie Ever?
Posted in: Movies  21st January 2009
The eye-candy and stupid jokes made Another Gay Movie somewhat entertaining, but its sequel goes more than a little too far...