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Saturday 10 October 2009

 A brief history of Provocation Defence in NZ
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  29th August 2009 commentator Craig Young charts the legal history of New Zealand's controversial Provocation Defence.

 Same-sex couple adoption? Don't hold your breath
Posted in: Features  21st August 2009
Removing legal barriers to same sex couples adopting children will not happen any time soon, according to our gay and lesbian MPs.

 Tamihere stirs anti-gay hate over HIV accused
Posted in: Features  17th June 2009
Talkback host John Tamihere has filled 3 hours with erratic and error-ridden commentary on the 40-yr-old man accused of infecting people with HIV.

 All eyes on the Mount Albert by-election
Posted in: Features  6th June 2009
Who will replace NZ's most gay-friendly Prime Minister in the Mount Albert electorate? The four main candidates answered our questions.

 Marriage, Civil Unions and the battle for equality
Posted in: Features  27th May 2009
Sadly, California's LGBT communities lost their fight against the anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendment. What can us Kiwis learn from this?

 The Pope's comments: Why we should be worried
Posted in: Features  29th December 2008
"This bloke has a big following and the ear of many. 'God' is seen to be on the side of queer bashers and they take his word as their cue for action."

 New gay MPs debut in Parliament
Posted in: Features  19th December 2008
New Zealand's two new gay MPs have made their maiden speeches as Parliament meets for the first time since the election.

 Nations sign up for global gay law reform
Posted in: Features  12th December 2008
On the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, a UN statement aims to defend LGBT citizens across the globe.

 The UK's gay blood battle
Posted in: Features, HIV  4th December 2008
Gay equality campaigner Peter Tatchell has crossed swords with the UK's leading HIV prevention agency over a continued blood donation ban on gay men.

 Change isn't always a bad thing
Posted in: Features  9th November 2008
Editorial: Maybe things aren't as bad as some feared last night. Where do we now stand from a purely glbt perspective?

 Gay Vote08: Coverage and absences
Posted in: Features  6th November 2008
Reasons to vote, National's wall of silence and's live reports on the progress and effects of the General Election.

 Jim Anderton's Progressives: Prepared to front up
Posted in: Features  4th November 2008
"If the gay and lesbian community has some issues that are high priorities for them, then obviously we'd have a look at them, and work it out."

 Vote '08: Meet your LGBT candidates
Posted in: Features  3rd November 2008 has counted 14 openly-LGBT candidates in this election. Which of them will get your votes this Saturday?

 The Greens: Equality is party policy
Posted in: Features  1st November 2008
Equality in adoption, access to marriage and resourcing for glbt organisations are all hot issues for the Green party.

 Labour: Committed to human rights and dignity
Posted in: Features  27th October 2008
Maryan Street says Labour is committed enough to human rights & the freedom for people to be who they are, to have written them into the party's constitution.