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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Can the all-new Batwoman defend Gotham?
Posted in: Books  28th June 2009
"Detective Comics will be without Batman as the lead character for the foreseeable future, and into his place steps Kathy Kane, the lesbian Batwoman."

 Review: The Male Figure in the Art of John Z. Robinson
Posted in: Books  18th April 2009
"The book is copiously and beautifully illustrated. It is good art. It is bold, original and it says something."

 Book review: 20 Years On from Law Reform
Posted in: Books  16th April 2009
A new book from NZ's Lesbian & Gay Archive contains an impressive collection of articles on homosexual law reform, written from an LGBT perspective.

 Stunning summer reading
Posted in: Books, Blogger Zone  13th February 2009
A wide variety of queer characters have kept Kitten Power company this summer, thanks to her trusty library card.

 Review: John Barrowman's Anything Goes
Posted in: Books  31st December 2008
John Barrowman plays Captain Jack Harkness, TV's first out gay/bi/omnisexual action hero. He tells his real-life coming out story in his new book.

 Farewell, Australia's Sappho: Dorothy Porter, 1954-2008
Posted in: Books  15th December 2008
This creative wunderkind wrote libretti, young adult fiction and music lyrics during her extraordinary career, but is best remembered for her poerty.

 Review: Oscar's Books, by Thomas Wright
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Books  7th December 2008
Oscar Wilde scholar Thomas Wright has managed the impossible, providing a wholly new perspective on the perennial nineteenth century gay icon.

 Femmes of Power
Posted in: Books, Blogger Zone  13th November 2008
If you asked every queer woman in NZ what it means to be femme, the answers would likely be as diverse as the women being questioned.

 Tracking down Mates and Lovers - Pt2
Posted in: Books  2nd July 2008
Historian Chris Brickell contrasts public and private notions of homosexual life, describes changing gay culture and clarifies our historical record.

 Review: Why you should read 'Mates & Lovers'
Posted in: Books  29th June 2008
A breath-taking achievement, Chris Brickell's History of Gay New Zealand reveals more than we have ever known about gay men's lives before us.