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Saturday 10 October 2009

Proclamations of the Red Queen

21st July 2009

United Kingdom: Catholic Church Versus Inclusive Adoption

Posted by: Craig Young

Amusingly, a Catholic-backed marriage counselling organisation has aroused the ire of the church hierarchy in the United Kingdom for daring (!!!) to corroborate mainstream evidence from pediatrics and developmental psychology which states that there is no reliable evidence that children are “harmed” by having same-sex

The problem is, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, opposed Blair administration moves that allowed lesbian and  gay adoption back in 2002, and fought an unsuccessful campaign to allow Catholic adoption providers to discriminate against otherwise eligible prospective LGBT adoptive parents.

Terry Prendergast of Marriage Care, a former priest but now married, even said that: Same-sex families, along with single and cohabiting parents, suffered discrimination and denigration because they fell short of the Vatican’s definition of what constituted a real family.

Instead, he said, they should be held up as role models and an advert for Catholicism.

Mr Prendergast also claimed that there was no evidence to show that children of same-sex parents suffered in any way, and that the elements that made for successful child-rearing were stable relationships.

 The hierarchy harrumphed at this, stating that in its view, heterosexual parents were ‘best’ for children. Meanwhile, a fundamentalist psychologist, Dr Sheila Matthews, has been sacked from an adoption board because of her sectarian religious views about prospective LGBT adoptive parents and their ability to raise children.


 ”Church rejects gay parents claims” BBC News: 20.07.09:

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