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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Canada's HIV criminalisation Impasse?
Posted in: HIV  27th September 2009
How can HIV criminalisation charges be erased from Canada's judicial landscape?

 HIV vaccine "helps prevent infection"
Posted in: International Daily News, HIV  26th September 2009
Researchers in Thailand claim that the combination of two experimental HIV vaccines can reduce the risk of infection "by a third".

 Sweet ass, bro!
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  25th September 2009
"Let's face it - the arse is a source of great, deep and intense pleasure. Especially for men."

 VIDEO: The GET IT ON! launch at Family bar
Posted in: Events, Safe Sex  15th September 2009
Auckland's hottest drag divas launched New Zealand's newest safe sex campaign in style when they cruised K' Road in funky smartcars.

 "Get it On!" condom campaign launched
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Safe Sex  12th September 2009
The NZ AIDS Foundation's new condom promotion "Get it On!" starts today with a new website, text service and ad campaign.

 HIV study revives vaccine hope
Posted in: HIV  7th September 2009
In the United States, researchers have announced they have found two antibodies that may protect against strains of HIV currently circulating worldwide.

 AIDS Quilt website project takes shape
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  3rd September 2009
A cyber-home for NZ's AIDS Memorial Quilts is beginning to take shape following the donation of cash and a professional photographer's expertise.

 Who needs the gym anyway?
Posted in: Features, Living Well  26th August 2009's fitness guru realises that not everyone likes sweating at the gym, so she's thought up some creative exercising alternatives...

 Canada: Criminality and HIV Transmission
Posted in: Safe Sex  23rd August 2009
In Canada, courts routinely punish HIV+ people who have sex... even if it's protected sex with a condom?!

 Barebacking Versus Decriminalised Sex Work
Posted in: Safe Sex  17th August 2009
Shouldn't we be trying to undermine the exploitative gay bareback porn industry by targeting it at its roots?

Posted in: HIV  24th July 2009
Michael Stevens remembers: "I used to have a list somewhere of all the names of the men I know who'd died. Then it got too long..."

 Can you really get 'addicted' to porn?
Posted in: Safe Sex  16th July 2009
In a recent self-selected poll on, over 20% of our readers answered 'Yes' to the question 'Do you think you are addicted to porn?'

 Tamihere challenged as complaints mount
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  2nd July 2009
The NZAF has thrown down the gauntlet to homophobic talkback host John Tamihere, saying he's welcome to talk to them about tackling HIV.

 Wellington guys quizzed on condoms
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  2nd July 2009
Why are so many gay and bisexual men not wearing condoms? Wellingtonians shared their thoughts about safe sex at a meeting in Mojo café last week.

 AIDS Denialism: A South African Tragedy
Posted in: HIV  1st July 2009
AIDS denialists have caused undeniable heartbreak and misery amongst many groups and individuals, especially in South Africa.