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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Adoption: In whose 'best interests?'
Posted in: Comment  5th October 2009
When it comes to debates over family policy, three principles stand out- the best interests of the child, continuity of care and parenting skills.

 Malaysia: Truly Awful
Posted in: Comment  27th September 2009
Malaysia is one of the world's unacknowledged human rights blackspots and the situation of LGBT Malaysians is no exception. How bad is it?

 Being gay in Japan: Homophobia & Universalism?
Posted in: Comment  19th September 2009
Japan has a rich and flourishing history of male homoerotic art and literature, so why is it that LGBT progress in that country is so glacially slow?

 Rainbow Wellington: "End provocation defence now"
Posted in: Comment  12th September 2009
LGBT advocacy group Rainbow Wellington is doing all it can to ensure NZ's 'gay panic' defence is removed. Here's its submission to Parliament.

 Razor Crescent? LGBT Pakistan
Posted in: Comment  7th September 2009
Although India has just repealed its antigay Section 377 of the colonial era Indian Penal Code, Pakistan is still opposed to LGBT rights... although there are some signs of hope.

 Adoption Reform: We Need Readiness
Posted in: Comment  1st September 2009
Let's assume that Kevin Hague's adoption reform bill is pulled from the ballot box within the next few weeks. Then what?

 A brief history of Provocation Defence in NZ
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  29th August 2009 commentator Craig Young charts the legal history of New Zealand's controversial Provocation Defence.

 Provocation Indefensible
Posted in: Comment  27th August 2009
Parliament gave unanimous support to the first reading of the provocation defence abolition bill, with some warning signs from ACT's David Garrett.

 Transgender law changes: progress report
Posted in: Comment  26th August 2009
Political support and strategy emerge as Transgender people edge towards fixing the laws which exclude them.

 Whangai: The Maori Stake in Adoption Reform
Posted in: Comment  25th August 2009
Reform of the Adoption Act must also face up to Maori values and family structures.

 Adoption Law and Same-Sex Parents
Posted in: Comment  23rd August 2009
Under the current Adoption Act 1955 what is the current status of NZ's same-sex parents?

 Same-sex couple adoption? Don't hold your breath
Posted in: Features  21st August 2009
Removing legal barriers to same sex couples adopting children will not happen any time soon, according to our gay and lesbian MPs.

 Provocation and Hallucination
Posted in: Comment  16th August 2009
How might the classic work of Sigmund Freud bring some light to the provocation defence abolition debate?

 Brazil: Guns and Greenery
Posted in: Comment  14th August 2009
Often touted as a forthcoming global superpower, Brazil is a land of deep paradoxes.

 Relationship Equality: Australian Intransigence
Posted in: Comment  14th August 2009
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said no once again to repeal of discriminatory federal legislation against same sex marriage proper in his country. Why does the Australian Labor Party seem so backward to outside observers?