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Saturday 10 October 2009

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9th October 2009   International Daily News
A Muslim soccer team in France has caused a furor by refusing to play against a team which includes gay players and promotes gay rights. The Creteil Bebel Muslim team... Read more

9th October 2009   International Daily News
A man defending himself against a murder charge in Queensland says he should be acquitted because anger resulting from childhood sexual abuse made him lash out when a disabled man... Read more

8th October 2009   International Daily News
Two young thugs who hassled a pair of 'drag queens' on a night out in Swansea got more than they bargained for when the trannies turned out to be cage fighters... Read more

7th October 2009   International Daily News
BBC star Graham Norton has spoken out about the poor response to his most recent show, and his struggle to find an intelligent boyfriend. His Totally Saturday chat show was a ratings... Read more

6th October 2009   International Daily News
Little Britain star Matt Lucas's ex-partner Kevin McGee has killed himself, a year after the couple split. The pair were the first gay celebrity couple to divorce in Britain after laws allowing same-sex... Read more

6th October 2009   International Daily News
British drivers won't be allowed to bid for 'D1KES' and 'F4GOT' licence plates at auction, reveals the Daily Mail newspaper. The UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has withdrawn... Read more

4th October 2009   International Daily News
Same-sex couples in Tasmania will be able to make their marriages official from 1 November, its government has announced. While gay couples have been able to register their relationships formally... Read more

3rd October 2009   International Daily News
A Welsh transwoman who was raped by an attacker who was jailed for eight years this week, says she was forced to move house after her identity was made public.... Read more

2nd October 2009   International Daily News
India's first-ever Queer Beauty Parlour in Delhi is proving a runaway success with Delhi's transgender citizens, reports The Times of India. The parlour provides not only beauty solutions but also... Read more

1st October 2009   International Daily News
Because Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno movie highlights gay life and contains gay sex scenes, it has been banned in Malaysia. An official from Malaysia's Film Censorship Board - who declined... Read more