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Saturday 10 October 2009

Meet Gus Colhado Compoy - Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty

Posted in: Hall of Fame
By Matt Akersten - 8th October 2009

26-year-old Brazilian Gus says he loves living in Rotorua: "It's a beautiful place with friendly people."

Gus was crowned Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty in Rotorua's rainbow bar Shampers at the weekend. We got to know the talented winner a little better… Congrats on winning Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty 2009! Well done. What did you have to do on stage to win the contest? Were you nervous?

Gus with Nanu on Shampers' pageant night
Gus: The contest consisted of three sections. First we were introduced and interviewed on stage by Crystal Chandelier. We had to wear a sponsor's tee shirt and jeans. The second section was fantasy / super hero, and we had to do a performance. My choice was Rihana's Disturbia. The costume I wore was a black cape, devil horns and a pair of red underwear. I was nervous at first, but once I started, I really enjoyed myself and crowds reaction. The third section was beachwear, and I wore black Speedo's with my red devil horns.

Where were you born, and when did you arrive in New Zealand?

I was born in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil in 1983. I arrived in New Zealand last July, travelled around New Zealand before settling in Maketu. I returned to Brazil for a month in August before coming back to Rotorua to live.

Where do you live, and what do you think of the place?

Home is now Rotorua. The Bay of Plenty is a beautiful place to live with friendly people.

Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty Gus Colhado Compoy
What do you do for work or study?

I studied nursing in Brazil for five years. After I graduated I taught in public health hospitals and college. I worked in intensive care, neonatal and trauma units. In New Zealand I am working as a Caregiver and a kitchen hand.

When did you come out as gay, and what was it like for you at the time?

When I was 17, I told my mother I was gay. My mum always knew, and has always been very supportive and loving. My mum is a very important person in my life.

Do you have a partner? What kind of people do you most admire?

I am currently single after an eight-year relationship. My ex and I are still good friends, but I am enjoying making new friends. My ideal partner has a good sense of humour, is easy going, sociable, but also enjoys quiet times. I am a very affectionate person, and my partner would be affectionate too. A good smile is important too. People may think that I am a party boy, but I am generally more reserved.

What do you think are the biggest issues currently facing NZ's gay population?

Young gay guys coming out need more positive role models. This is particularly important in the smaller towns, where there may be a lack of positive visible gay men.

What's your worst habit?

I can change my clothes several times a day. Before going out, I can go through up to five changes, before I am happy.

Your biggest fear?

After a bad experience as a young child, I do not like swimming in the ocean, or open water.

Which books are you currently reading and recommending?

I have just finished reading The Power of a Partner by Richard L. Pimentel-Habib. I personally recommend Mates & Lovers.

Your favourite music at the moment?

Disturbia-Riahana, Electro House Mix Best Songs Mix Music Party 2009 2008 Disco Club Remix DJ Electronica HD Censored, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Pitbull.

Your favourite TV programmes?

ER & Grays Anatomy. Eastbound and Down on Comedy Central.

Who in the world would you most like to have a coffee and a chat with and why?

My friends because without them I do not live. I can count on them every moment of my life.

If you could have one wish granted what would it be?

I want to end world hunger and violence.

What's coming up in the near future for you?

I would love to stay in New Zealand permanently, and work towards having my nursing qualifications recognized in New Zealand. I would like to travel through Asia and Australia, and to continue making more friends.


See the moment Gus won his Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty title on the video clip below.

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Matt Akersten - 8th October 2009