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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Fun with Facebook
Posted in: Community  9th October 2009
It seems like almost everyone's on Facebook now, so here's our tips for getting the most from your profile - and how to avoid drama!

 Meet Gus Colhado Compoy - Mr. Gay Bay of Plenty
Posted in: Hall of Fame  8th October 2009
26-year-old Brazilian Gus says he loves living in Rotorua: "It's a beautiful place with friendly people."

 Glitter artist tackles Coronation Street battle-axes
Posted in: Events  6th October 2009
"It's been flat out. 120 people came along to the unveiling. A drag king and I revealed them to the crowd, while I told them about the characters."

 Adoption: In whose 'best interests?'
Posted in: Comment  5th October 2009
When it comes to debates over family policy, three principles stand out- the best interests of the child, continuity of care and parenting skills.

 Album review: La Roux
Posted in: Music  4th October 2009
It's been 20 years since the 80's ended, but electropop duo La Roux they seem more than happy to let it live on... and they do an amazing job!

 It's OUTLine October!
Posted in: Community  1st October 2009
Find info, ideas and daily updates here as our community mobilises to save the OUTLine national phone counseling and support service.

 Gay parties 101: Full production?
Posted in: Events  1st October 2009
Experienced gay DJ Karl Moser is glad to hear there's plenty of LGBT events planned for 2010 - but hopes there'll be a commitment to decent production values.

 Spinning solid gold hits: Murray 'Muzza' Inglis
Posted in: Hall of Fame  29th September 2009
Muzza spends his afternoons happily playing his favourite discs from the swinging '60's and seductive '70's.

Posted in: Events  29th September 2009
We're keeping track of all the parties, events and festivals confirmed in what looks set to be a very busy 2010!

 Canada's HIV criminalisation Impasse?
Posted in: HIV  27th September 2009
How can HIV criminalisation charges be erased from Canada's judicial landscape?

 Malaysia: Truly Awful
Posted in: Comment  27th September 2009
Malaysia is one of the world's unacknowledged human rights blackspots and the situation of LGBT Malaysians is no exception. How bad is it?

 Review: Mamma Mia at the Civic
Posted in: Performance  27th September 2009
Seen by over 40 million people around the world and marking its 10th birthday, Mamma Mia had us dancing in the aisles at the Civic on opening night.

 HIV vaccine "helps prevent infection"
Posted in: International Daily News, HIV  26th September 2009
Researchers in Thailand claim that the combination of two experimental HIV vaccines can reduce the risk of infection "by a third".

 Sweet ass, bro!
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  25th September 2009
"Let's face it - the arse is a source of great, deep and intense pleasure. Especially for men."

 Review: Mates & Lovers at BATS Theatre
Posted in: Performance  25th September 2009
"Both of the actors are extraordinary, versatile and persuasive. One minute they're talking, the next they're rolling or leaping around in their knickers."