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Saturday 10 October 2009

 Film review: Shank
Posted in: Blogger Zone  8th October 2009
At Out Takes 2009, Shank provided a disturbing look at the intersection between 'underclass' affiliation and homosexuality. How realistic is it?

 Sweet ass, bro!
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  25th September 2009
"Let's face it - the arse is a source of great, deep and intense pleasure. Especially for men."

 Being gay in Indonesia
Posted in: Blogger Zone  23rd September 2009
"While things are relatively laid-back on Bali and in Jakarta, not all of Indonesia's archipelago is gay-friendly."

 "Elton John is Evil!"
Posted in: Blogger Zone  18th September 2009
According to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Elton John is a "sinner!"

 That's so Jewish!?
Posted in: Community, Blogger Zone  17th September 2009
That's so Jewish? I wouldn't say that or even think it, because it's offensive. So why do people think it's fine to say "That's so gay!"?

 The UK's Posthumous Apology for Alan Turing
Posted in: Blogger Zone  11th September 2009
Better late than never! UK PM Gordon Brown has apologised for the United Kingdom's postwar maltreatment of WW2 cryptographer and mathematician Alan Turing.

 Parthenogenesis: Making babies without men
Posted in: Blogger Zone  7th September 2009
Single-sex reproduction has long been a lesbian community fantasy. But how might comparative zoology help find new ways to make babies?

 Magazines Vs. Reality
Posted in: Blogger Zone  30th August 2009
Michael Stevens: "We've somehow ended up with this hyper-muscular baby-bottom smooth 20-something as our icon, and I'm not quite sure how it happened."

 A brief history of Provocation Defence in NZ
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  29th August 2009 commentator Craig Young charts the legal history of New Zealand's controversial Provocation Defence.

 Michael Stevens: Sexual Consultant?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  19th August 2009
All those years of experience, so much to offer, so much to teach... maybe I should get some cards printed.

 Mating Rituals
Posted in: Blogger Zone  8th August 2009
Why is it that so many wonderful men that I know are single? And, for that matter, why am I ? Not that I am necessarily all that wonderful.....

 United Kingdom: Catholic Church Vs. Inclusive Adoption
Posted in: Blogger Zone  23rd July 2009
A Catholic-backed marriage counselling organisation has aroused the ire of the church hierarchy in the UK for daring to state that there is no reliable evidence that children are 'harmed' by having same-sex parents.

 God save the Queens!
Posted in: Community, Blogger Zone  16th July 2009
Michael Stevens writes: "It's easier to hide an elephant in your armpit than a queen in a crowd!"

 Review: The Gossip's Music for Men
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  11th July 2009
"On the first listen I liked the new Gossip album. On the second, I really liked it. By about the third or fourth, I was hooked and delirious."

 Book review: Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger
Posted in: Blogger Zone  9th July 2009
Her 5th novel is a new departure for award-winning lesbian author Sarah Waters - it doesn't feature an out lesbian or gay character anywhere in its pages.