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ACT Welcomes Nuclear Fact To Dispel Fiction

Posted on 02 Jul 2004

ACT New Zealand Foreign Affairs, Environment and Energy Spokesman Ken Shirley today welcomed Dr Andrew McEwan’s book ‘Nuclear New Zealand – Sorting Fact From Fiction’.

“Dr McEwan is one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent scientists, who worked for many years in the national radiation laboratory.  He understands the issues better than most,” Mr Shirley said.

“His book totally exposes the Kiwi myth that we are a nuclear-free nation.  Nuclear weapons-free, yes, but nuclear technologies are employed widely throughout the New Zealand economy and social services.

“His book refers to the 1978 Royal Commission on nuclear energy, and the 1992 Somers report on nuclear-propelled ships.  The foolish mantras that so many Kiwis clutch to their heart are totally debunked. 

“Dr McEwan re-confirms that there is no public safety or environment risk justifying our continued ban on nuclear-propelled ship visits.  His book also highlights the sense in re-visiting the option of nuclear energy as an environmentally clean, and increasingly cost effective, means of electricity generation.

“I am not surprised that the Labour Government refuses to take its head out of the sand on this issue, but the National Party’s stance is incomprehensible and inexcusable,” Mr Shirley said.


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