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We Must Stop the Brain Drain

Posted on 31 Aug 2001

Latest immigration figures showing a net gain of more than 1600 people in July, are being quoted as evidence that the brain drain is reversing.

Labour is Fresh Out of Excuses

Posted on 20 Apr 2001
“Six thousand, nine hundred and two people can not be ignored,” ACT Immigration Spokesman MP Penny Webster said today.

Conference 2001: Immigration Discussion Paper

Posted on 11 Mar 2001
It is a fact of life for New Zealand as with most countries that there will always be people wishing to enter or leave the country at any time. No country can afford to adopt a 'closed border' approach.

ACT: The Only Party with Policies to Bring New Zealanders Home

Posted on 10 Dec 2000
Speech to ACT Strategy Breakfast at Waipuna Lodge

Immigration Policy - ACT Northland Tour

Posted on 16 Oct 2000
Today is the first day of a four day report back tour of Northland.  We are travelling from Whangaparoa to Kerikeri.  We are meeting with many people from concerned citizens to mayors, farmers to manufacturers and tourist operators.

Bye Bye Brains Trust

Posted on 24 May 2000
One hundred and ninety five people have left New Zealand every day since the coalition government was elected, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today. The numbers migrating are accelerating – 217 New Zealanders on average left every day in April 2000.

ACT Agrees with Anderton

Posted on 02 May 2000
“It is the wasted skill scandals and placement problems of current immigrants that the Government must address before embarking on well meaning, yet impotent policy reviews,” said ACT immigration spokesman Penny Webster.

Immigration that works

Posted on 25 Jun 1999
New Zealand is wasting its potential by failing to attract more migrants.  Perhaps worse still, many talented migrants who have made the momentous commitment to a new start here are being ignored.  Families are being abandoned as husbands return overseas to further their careers.
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