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MP Still Hopeful Of Debate On Peters

Posted on 13 Nov 2002

ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today he was still hopeful that parliament would debate and vote on h

Parliament Asked to Reject Intolerance

Posted on 13 Nov 2002
ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today he had put down a notice of motion asking parliament to disassociate itself from Mr Peters’ attacks on Asian immigrants.

The Brain Drain - Real Issue

Posted on 24 Jul 2002

Speech by Hon Richard Prebble, Leader ACT New Zealand
At Wellington International Airport
On Wednesday 24th July 2002 at 11.30am


Brain Drain in Full Flight

Posted on 01 Jul 2002

Minister's Dithering Results in Bad Immigration Message

Posted on 28 Jun 2002
Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel’s refusal to comment on possible law changes until she has “legal advice” confirms either incompetence or a level of politically-correct dithering that would be funny if it was not so potentially expensive for New Zealand, ACT Justice spokesman Stephen Franks said today.

Advertising for Boat People

Posted on 28 Jun 2002
ACT leader Richard Prebble is scathingly critical of the government’s distribution of 3000 pamphlets in Indonesia, warning boat people against coming to New Zealand.

2002 Manifesto - Immigration

Posted on 23 Jun 2002

Summary: Immigration

Posted on 14 Jun 2002
Immigration policies affect what sort of society we want to create for our grandchildren.  They are not something to be turned off and on like a tap for short-term political gain.

Brain Drain Increasing

Posted on 21 May 2002
Latest immigration figures show the loss of skilled New Zealanders increased during April, with 357 more skilled Kiwis leaving the country than arrived, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

Extra Funding for Ethnic Affairs Another Cost of Government's Immigration Policies

Posted on 13 May 2002
The announcement of another $700,000 for the Office of Ethnic Affairs is yet another sign of the true cost of this government’s immigration policies, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.