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Lack of consultation outrageous

Posted on 18 Mar 2005

ACT Deputy Leader Dr Muriel Newman today congratulated GPs on forcing the Labour Government into yet another U-turn.

The Government planned a tougher new health-screening regime for immigrants which would have seen GPs having to implement new tests and a 27-page health check report from next month.

GPs balked at the idea saying they were not consulted over the changes.

The Labour Department has apologised to GPs and deferred the scheme, admitting it went too far.

“This ill-conceived and ill-thought out proposal is the latest example of a Labour Government that continues to bludgeon people with heavy handed regulations,” Dr Newman said. “It is another symptom of an increasingly arrogant Government expecting everyone to comply with the latest Labour party edicts.”

Dr Newman said Labour came to Government promising accountability, consultation and honesty.

“It is great GPs feel strongly enough and have enough clout to stand up against this Government because many other groups like small business owners and property investors can’t,” Dr Newman said.


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