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Like baking and travel? Join IRD's Special Audit

Posted on 17 Aug 1999
IRD’s Special Audit is the Department’s SAS.  It’s a specialist team whose sole purpose is to tax the hard nuts: prostitutes, drug dealers, gang members, thieves, white collar criminals and money launderers.

IRD kicks taxpayer in his hospital bed

Posted on 28 Jun 1999
If you think you have had a rough spin of late, spare a thought for Mr Gerald Somerville, his wife and his family. Mr Somerville was a contractor in Ranfurly.  His was a tough job.  Mr Somerville is a tough man.

Taxpayers should be able to inspect their own files

Posted on 22 Jun 1999
The Privacy Commissioner Bruce Slane has told the Select Committee Inquiry into the IRD in no uncertain terms that taxpayers should have the right to inspect their own tax files.
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