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Heather Roy's Diary

Posted on 28 Sep 2007

Dr Cullen needs to make up his mind: either those earning over $60,000 are wealthy enough to pay the top rate of tax, or they are not and are instead genuinely in need of financial aid.
The Working for Families package was designed to provide a top-up for lower to middle-income working families - one would not normally expect high income earners to require financial assistance.

Cullen's Regime: Welfare For The 'Wealthy'

Posted on 26 Sep 2007

ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader Heather Roy today released new information revealing that 2,000 New Zealanders deemed so wealthy that they were required to pay the top rate of tax were then granted financial assistance from the Government.

Cullen Over-Taxing 352,000 Kiwis

Posted on 23 Sep 2007

New information obtained in response to my written Parliamentary Questions has revealed that hundreds of thousands of Kiwi taxpayers are being grossly over-taxed because of Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen's failure to adjust his self-imposed five percent threshold for the top tax rate of 39 percent, ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader Heather Roy said today.

Tax Freedom After 141 Days Paying For Government

Posted on 23 May 2006
ACT Leader Rodney Hide is wishing Kiwi workers a happy "Tax Freedom Day", as they stop paying for central and local government and start working for themselves.

Aussie Budget Increases 'Tax Gap' Between Kiwis And Kangaroos

Posted on 11 May 2006
Australian workers will receive almost $37 billion from tax cuts announced in last night's Budget, leaving Kiwi workers further behind their Kangaroo cousins, says ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

No Tax Relief As ACC Levies Rise

Posted on 02 Mar 2006
Michael Cullen delivered a slap to working New Zealanders when appearing before the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee this morning by ruling out income tax cuts, says ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

Carbon Tax Belongs in Dustbin Of History

Posted on 22 Dec 2005
Today's announcement that the Labour Government will not go ahead with the carbon tax is a victory for all New Zealanders, says ACT leader Rodney Hide.

Now's The Time For Tax Cuts

Posted on 10 Dec 2005
ACT Leader Rodney Hide says that now is the time for tax cuts, following Treasury's report that Government's operating suplus over the last four months is $3 billion.

ACT To Test Parliament On Tax Cuts

Posted on 14 Nov 2005
ACT Leader Rodney Hide said today that he would be testing Parliament's commitment to cut the company tax rate to 30 per cent during the coming debate on the Taxation (Annual Rates and Urgent Measures) Bill.

Labour finished over loans deceit

Posted on 15 Sep 2005
ACT Leader Rodney Hide said today that Treasury costings of Labour’s interest-free student loans had sunk any chance of Labour being re-elected to office on Saturday.
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