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Message to Cullen: Cut taxes now!

Posted on 30 Apr 2005
ACT Leader Rodney Hide today called on Finance Minister Michael Cullen to deliver a tax cut for every worker in next month’s Budget.

A party vote for ACT means less tax, less government, more police

Posted on 30 Apr 2005
Speech to the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce; Rotorua Public Library, Rotorua; 29 April 2005.

A Tax Cut will Boost Incomes and Living Standards for New Zealand Families

Posted on 23 Apr 2005
This week Newman Online looks at the tax burden on New Zealand families and reveals how a tax cut for everyone will boost living standards for the country’s children.

Tax cuts not strikes key to better wages

Posted on 04 Apr 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today repeated his call that under ACT’s proposed tax cuts workers would receive a bigger boost in their take home pay.

Hide attacks Cullen for hiding huge surplus

Posted on 16 Mar 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide stepped up his attack on Dr Culle

Cullen moves to bury true operating balance

Posted on 11 Mar 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide has accused Finance Minister Michael Cullen of forcing Treasury to bury the operating balance figures and instead

OECD reports tax increase for workers

Posted on 10 Mar 2005
ACT Finance spokesman Richard Prebble today said that only a tax and spend finance minister like Michael Cullen could welcome the news that the net tax paid by the average New Zealand worker has increased 100 percent faster for single people, 1,500 percent higher for single parents with two children and over 300 percent greater for a one earner family with two children, compared to the rest of the OECD.

Union would be better calling for bold tax cuts

Posted on 27 Feb 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said his party’s proposed tax cuts would deliver more into the pockets of worker

Household debt levels rocket under Labour

Posted on 16 Feb 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today revealed that the average household debt is now $75,000 – an increase of 55 perc

Hide welcomes Tamihere's call for tax cuts

Posted on 19 Jan 2005
ACT Leader Rodney Hide tonight welcomed John Tamihere’s call for tax cuts.
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