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Could Labour Be More Transparent?

Posted on 22 Oct 2008

ACT Deputy Leader and Health Spokesman Heather Roy today questioned whether the Labour-led Government could be any more transparent with its latest decision to pour an additional $13 million into the aged care sector.

"For nine years Labour has done little to address the aged care crisis," Mrs Roy said.

"Despite the 2001 PricewaterhouseCoopers report recommending urgent attention, it took Labour seven years to do anything and now - two weeks out from an election and in the face of a looming economic crisis - there’s another dribble of funding.

"This is a calculated attempt to give the appearance of action and win votes. Were it not - and Mr Cunliffe were sincere about solving the problems with aged care - attention would also have been given to home-based care, which is also in crisis.

"Aged care has always been the poor cousin in Health, and vulnerable areas of Health must be treated more generously and consistently. The only way to do this is to stimulate and grow the economy. With a larger economic cake, New Zealand could afford to treat those truly vulnerable in society more generously.

"Capping government expenditure and re-directing funds to areas of real need would do more to improve aged care - and other vulnerable Health areas - than a funding boost once every three years," Mrs Roy said.


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